Intervention: Intervenor 107

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I support Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2011-291 which would set a standard that would provide all Canadians with 5 Mbps for downloads from their ISPs and 1mBPs for uploads from their ISP's. I have used Bell Sympatico for 19 years as my service provider. In the most recent test of the service speed provided to me only a week ago by Sympatico staff I did not even receive 2 mbps on downloads. The upload speed was not given but it is extremely slow. I live in central **** Ontario yet Bell continually tells me that I live too far from their transmission building for higher reception speed. I pay $50 a month for High **** DSL. Although I am not satisfied with this service I have no choice but to stay with it as their are no reliable alternatives. My Internet service continually drops connections while I am making important transactions. I also have a difficult time reconnecting. It would be wonderful if Bell Sympatico even met the basic standards set out in this policy by the end of 2015. The internet is not a luxury, toy or a means to play games or just to watch movies. In 2015 it is every bit a utility for our household as electricity, gas, water telephone etc. We pay bills with it. We take College courses with it. We Bank with it and we do other vital financial transactions with it. We deserve a faster reliable internet connection that meets this standard. Sincerely,David **** London, Ontario *-***-***-****