Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 642

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I think CRTC should make sure there is a basic internet service available so low-income seniors are not disabled from the world. My 87 year-old mother is isolated because she can't pay $50/month or more for internet. The only family member she has in her town is deaf and there's no longer any way for her to contact him (he uses a smartphone for texts, messaging, etc and she's not online - also she can't work a phone, though she could work a full-size physical keyboard and use internet if she could afford it). Just like there's now a basic level of TV service at about $20/month, there should also be an internet equivalent.I lost faith in CRTC when ****, Ontario lost its over the air access to CBC TV, for the first time in decades I had to subscribe to cable or satellite to get CBC for my wife, at a cost of over $600 per year! To me, CRTC did not protect my right as a citizen to free access to CBC TV - I pay taxes for CBC but now have to pay Bell too to get it. Since that day I realized you do not uphold what you are required to do, so as far as I'm concerned CRTC is corrupt.