Final Replies : TCPub Media Inc. (Intervenor 105)

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Attached is my final reply to CRTC 2015-134 - Review of Basic Telecommunications Services.

Final Replies : TCPub Media Inc. (Intervenor 105)

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Ottawa, **** 13, 2016.
Ms. **** May-Cuconato
Secretary General

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications CommissionOttawa, Ontario

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Re: Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134Review of Basic Telecommunications ServicesFinal Reply

**** Ms. May-Cuconato,

1. I would like to submit my final reply in regards to the evidence submitted in confidence to the Commission by some of the intervenors. As the CRTC is a quasi-judicial government body and not a proper court of law, I don't believe any of the intervenors are required by law to be truthful to the Commission.

2. This can give some intervenors the opportunity to stretch the truth, knowing full well that, by submitting their evidence in confidence, no other intervenor or member of the public could effectively cross-examine and refute the submitted evidence.

3. While I have no proof that any intervenor has ever submitted falsified evidence in confidence to the Commission, I believe such an opportunity does exist, with the motive being the huge financial gains that can be achieved from a CRTC decision based on tainted evidence.

4. All I ask is that you take this possibility into consideration when you go over the evidence submitted in confidence, and question the validity of every single detail of that evidence.

5. You're our confidential cross-examiners. Please do a good job.

Yours truly,
**** Caron
President and CEO
TCPub Media Inc.
275 **** Street, suite 900
Ottawa, Ontario
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(613) 688-3334
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