Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 694

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My family lives at PT Glasgow, Ontario; a community in Elgin Country on **** Erie. We have waited patiently for 20 years to be provided a viable Internet service, at this point the only service provided is Satellite. Satellite is extremely slow, expensive and so congested that 2 people cannot use the Internet at the same time. It constantly buffers or doesn't provide Internet at all.I have call constantly looking for a better solution; and even more so now for my son just graduated with a Bachelor of Math and would like to **** on line but our service will not allow it. WE ARE VERY FRUSTRATED!!! We live in **** Ontario for Petes sake just 11kms south of the 401; there is no reason that a viable, less expensive cable, DSL or LTE service could not be provided in this area. I have been told that the nearest tower in West **** only has 3 signals facing the opposite way when most towers have 6 signals. WHY???Why are we not treated like other tax paying Ontario Citizens; I pay a high tax amount on our property., why not receive the benefit of Internet service that is not congested like satellite. Internet is extremely important in this household.There are not many residents in PT Glasgow year round but for 7 months a year this community becomes thousands of members with the seasonal members moving back and they all are looking for a better Internet solution.Please help us ASAPDebora ****22184 **** LineRodney, ON *** ***(519) 868-2355