Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 435

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I live in a rural community on the **** Shore of Nova Scotia. About seven years ago, a "repeater tower" was installed at the top of our hill to provide us with broadband. The provider company, Eastlink, was given a monopoly by the government. That company went to Arizona to choose their system. We have trees here, and they tend to grow. Service is appalling. To add insult to misery, Eastlink now charges us twenty dollars a month EXTRA for this service, as we use more than our paltry 15.00GB, so our bill for slow, sporadic, infuriating service is now close to $80.00 a month. (Re: the slowness, our daughter, who makes her living as a graphic designer, cannot upload or download files here. And when it snows or rains, which it tends to do here more frequently than in Arizona, service ends.) For thirty-five years, the last home on our road serviced by an Eastlink cable connection has been exactly one (1) kilometre from our house. The government has managed to provide power and telephone services to Canadians in order to have a viable rural economy in times past. I think it is time to provide usable, reasonably (and fairly, in relation to urban fees), priced Internet services to all. Our society has become increasingly dependent on the Internet for economic, informational, social and entertainment services. Who would choose to buy a house in rural Nova Scotia? Who would buy mine, with its one bar of cell and pitiful broadband?Thank you for investigating this increasingly important issue, and thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion.