Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 480

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Live within view of Toronto skyline and over the years have used six wireless systems which either failed or not adequate. When I moved in 25 years ago, there was no cable tv. THAT was a mistake! Plenty of neighbours, still no cable. Worked from home and felt I was an outcast as all my colleagues lived in town. **** issues, speed, download capacity (bandwidth) or not being able to use VPN connection (absolute requirement for business). Now retired but still consider Internet an essential service. Use it for everything, even my income taxes! **** objection, no unified terrestrial wireless coverage. Cell phone wireless (e,g, Rogers Hub) available but expensive$$$$. (~3X what town folks take for granted, and WOW!, those overage fees). So I must go with satellite. It is my last resort. Fortunately being retired I can use during day when speed is OK and approaches the advertised rate (5Mbs). Get off it in the evenings when speed drops to ~0.5Mbs. I suspect Nunavut gets a better deal. Suggestions: 1. Use CRTC clout to set a unified terrestrial wireless system using existing cell tower networks. Make it the same price and speed as average land line (e.g. 25Mbs and 120GigByte/month). I say 25Mbs to allow for a real speed of around 5.0Mbs. I would be happy with that. I don't need 4K UHD video streaming. I can see three cell towers from my house but must use satellite due to very expensive cell phone fees for service. Don't forget, I'm a senior. 2. Where there just aren't cell towers available use a satellite backup. Thanks for your timeNigel Cocks