Interventions Phase 2: myself (Intervenor 640)

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I am a resident of **** Tremblant and I have been unable to make an offer on 2 homes so far due to the lack of high speed internet on the out skirts of **** Tremblant.The properties I have visited were maybe 1 or 2 km from Lac ****. Even where I live presently, on Lac ****, right in the middle of St.Jovite and the Tremblant Resort my cell phone has the worst connection. I am right before the Domaine St.Bernard. I can not afford due to my work and my husbands work which is internet based be able to live anywhere that doesn't provide HIGH SPEED internet. I wanted to make an offer on a home about 7 minutes from where I presently live and was not able too due to Bell or Cogeco not offereing any services. I read that **** Graham is trying to change this and I thought I should share my story. Im hoping for a change.