Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 477

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I really hope the CTRC will take the time to investigate the Yukon Territories sole internet provider. They currently hold a monopoly which limits their competition resulting in extremely high prices for small packages. Our bills constantly have unexplained overages charges despite the consumers taking extreme unnecessary steps to prevent them (unplugging the routers at night, changing wifi passwords on a weekly basis etc.) Northwestel refuses to acknowledge outside data monitoring sites which show on a pretty regular basis that we are not using the amount of gigs they claim we are. (They have yet to implement any "unlimited packages")The service quality is atrocious for what we pay, with numerous unexplained outages a week despite living downtown Whitehorse.There have been unexposed internet cables belonging to northwestel spotted HANGING in trees outside watson lake where they are supposed to be buried underground.Please look into their business practices, the people in the Yukon are sick and tired of being jerked around by Northwester and their truly terrible business model. Right now, we don't have a choice, if we want internet, we have to use their service.