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Our address is 3733 Mountain Road, Cowichan Station, ****, BC, *** ***. We have lived here since 1978. We started out with a party line with our phone line strung through the brush a lot of the way and were upgraded as BCTel/Telus saw fit. With the introduction of the internet for home use we signed up with a private provider and then switched to our telephone provider (BCTel/Telus). We have slow speed dial up (the fastest we can connect is 49.2 Kbps and often can only connect at 48 Kbps). For example --to open this page we had to close everything else, clear all cookies and history, and still it took about 10 minutes to open. We have neighbours who live 5 to 10 minutes away who have faster internet service and initially had the same service provider. We have been asking Telus to upgrade our service for about 10 years with no luck. Over the years we have come to understand that to upgrade our internet service requires a somewhat simple infrastructure upgrade, but Telus is not willing to spend the money where we need it any time soon. Currently in the Cowichan Valley and it seems on a lot of Vancouver Island, the focus of Telus in on fibre optic services where they can get more bang for their buck. We recently had the head of maintenance service for Telus in this area, do service calls to our home to try to upgrade our internet service with smart hubs. Even this did not work as the connection speed we were able to get did not warrant the cost of the required smart hub and service plan. In talking with this manager from Telus I stated that the 50 or so families whom an internet upgrade in our area would benefit, obviously does not carry the same monetary gain for Telus as the fibre optic upgrades that are currently happening and the manager did not disagree with me. We have extremely limited cell phone service also.Our smart meter does not work, so BC Hyrdro has to read our meter manually.It is frustrating to hear of remote place up and down the BC coast and on Vancouver Island who have or are getting high speed internet via fibre optics, when we cannot even get ADSL.To add insult to injury: I have been told on the phone by a manager "that he did not have anyone or anything that could help me with my problems with our dial up internet connection so we might as well not even pay for it." There are no technicians in the Cowichan Valley that are trained to work on dial up internet, so if we have a problem there is no one trained to help us. If we do call Telus about a problem with our dial up service, we get somebody in another country (usually Malaysia or Manilla) who are working in a noisy call center, so it is extremely difficult to understand them and they have NO understanding of our geography. Dial up internet service is no longer offered as a service from Telus -so we are forced to endure with a service that the company itself does not want to provide, service, or maintain.Please help us as absolutely nothing we have done has helped us get any closer to having faster internet service. We can be contacted at ******@***.com or *-***-***-****.Kathy & **** ChilcottPS -no other provider, other than satellite service providers, are willing to provide service to our area.