Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 707

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I believe that the government needs to decide whether or not telecommunications is a business that should exist in the free market or a government provided service. If it is the latter, then the government needs to purchase Bell, Telus, Rogers, SaskTel, and Manitoba Tel and make them crown corporations. That way the government can decide how much to invest in these networks (wireline and wireless) and how much people should be charged for these services. If it is the former, then these publicly traded companies should be left to operate independently. As a shareholder and employee of Bell Canada I do not want other companies to have access to the largest, fastest and most reliable networks in the country at a rate not decided by Bell Canada. These are Bell Canada's assets. Bell Canada invests over $3B per year in improvements to service to make sure that we provide a better service than our competitors. Letting other companies use these networks at a price determined by the CRTC is like building a house for personal use and then being told that we need to create a separate entrance for a tenant, that the tenant has full use of the house and all that it offers, and then being told that the rent you will receive will be significantly below market price. Personally, had I know in advance that this was going to be the case, I likely wouldn't have built the house to begin with.Please make decisions that align with the current environment - where these networks are owned by these publicly traded companies - so by shareholders - and let the management of those companies make investment and subsequent pricing decisions.