Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 522

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I live in **** Queens, Queens County, NS, I have been told twice now that my signal will not allow me access to Eastlink, I had them come when they first started putting up towers in the area and then 3 years later I had them come again, same answer. I was so hoping it would end my use of dial up service, which in this age of internet is nothing.I then heard of the Bell Hub which gives you high speed internet as soon as you plug it in, wow, it is great, faster than most everyone who has Eastlink ,BUT almost every month I pay 103.50 for up to 20GB, not feasible to allow me to work online, run a business( my husband has a business, but limited to what is done online), download music, in this day and age it holds me back from almost anything I want or need to do online. I do all my banking online, most government forms are better and supposed to be done online but I am held back because of the cost. We need and should in this day and age have access everywhere to unlimited high speed internet. I feel we in rural areas are held back from living what most people call normal lives, people do not buy homes here, open businesses etc because of not having access to high speed internet. I also want to add, I live on the main highway 208, not on some back road or a dirt road in the woods. There are allot of us right here on my side of the road, at least 6 who have no access, and there are allot more in the **** Queen area who have been told no access can be had. Time maybe to see who has and who hasn't access, maybe our taxes should be based on this or have a survey to see who has access and who has none. My neighbor across the road from me has Eastlink, how strange is that!! IT IS TIME FOR EVERYONE TO BE ABLE TO ACCESS UNLIMITED HIGH SPEED INTERNET SERVICE!!