Intervention: Intervenor 94

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Frank J. Van ****. 4260 St. John's SDRD, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario. I have lived here since 1981. We do not have nor is it likely that we will ever have cable or fibre delivery of internet services. Our only source of internet services is cellular or satellite. I have been a Bell Mobility internet service customer for the past three years. My download speed averaged 6 Mbps, upload speed averaged .6Mbps. I paid $90/month for 20 gigs of broadband usage and $10/gig usage thereafter. My bills generally were $190/month plus HST. I recently changed to Xplornet satellite internet service. $70/month for 40 gigs then $2/gig thereafter. Download speed from 0100 hours to 0800 hours is 9 Mbps, upload is .6 Mbps. Between 0800 and 1530 hours, the speed drops to 4 Mbps down and .4 Mbps up. Between the hours of 1531 and 0100, the speed drops to 1 Mbps down and .2 Mbps up. This is not sufficient to do any type of video streaming. I do not have any other options. I am retired so I can do my internet research etc. prior to the speed dropping. My grandchildren live close by and are stuck with the same inadequate service. High speed internet is not a luxury for them rather, it is a necessity. They are in school and are at a disadvantage to all of their classmates who enjoy wired high speed internet service. Bell provides 300 gigs of data at a speed of 175 Mbps for $93/month to Fibe subscribers. I live in a rural area by the way, 50 km from downtown Toronto. My friend lives 45 minutes north west of me in Alliston Ontario and gets 100 gigs data at 50 Mbps for $69/month through cable. Something has to change. Thank you in advance, Frank J. Van ****.