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I will try to be straight forward as possible. Internet download speeds are fine for the 50 & 100Mbit plans.Internet upload speeds are too low. If the Canadian internet is to be 'world class' we should role out 1Gbit synchronous connection in every city over the next 5 to 8 years.We should be revising the term High **** / Broadband Internet to 20Mbit Down / 10Mbit Up with the understanding that this classification will be in place until a time when this topic is re-visited(5~8 years is likely, 'think 2022 what internet speeds should be on the low end'). Olds, AB is a good example of where we should be heading.I Fully support funding for Fiber Optic Infrastructure upgrades. As far as Regulations go, all Internet traffic should be treated equally. (Net neutrality)Thank you.