Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 384

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Hi I have put together a quick table outlining some different internet rates and usage from some Canadian companies, comparing those rates to Northwestel internet rates and usage caps, in order to show how Northwestel's internet services are absurd for the prices and usage caps. We do expect to pay a bit more for things in the north, but as you can see on the table attached, the prices we pay for the low usage rates are very high compared to other companies. We do not have any competition here for internet unfortunately, so most of us do not have a choice in who our provider will be for internet and therefore the prices are astronomical for the usage caps. We have competition for cell phone providers and for television providers, but nothing for internet and we are getting hosed. I do not know if there is anything the CRTC can do about this, but it is not fair the horrible prices we are paying compared to other Canadians. I realize it is not a big population here, but this still does not seem right to me. We need some competition for internet and we need lower prices, or way more usage allowed for these prices, something has to give. Thank you for your time and understanding and please see the attached table comparing prices and usage rates.