Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 413

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We live in rural Ontario where we receive $50/mo internet service from Bell Canada off a cell tower and have a monthly limit of only 10 Gig. It is impossible to buy more Gigs for any price. The Bell repair technician who lives up the road says that the old equipment in our neighbourhood won't support DSL service and Bell will not replace it unless the govt pays them to do so. As we are in a valley, line of sight service like microwave are impossible. There is a fiber op cable running across the top of our road but "all the taps are taken" according to my Bell technician neighbour. We are the largest group of houses in our rural municipality. If 10 Gig is the most data we can get in this 100+ house community, that is pretty sad. Bell should be forced to improve service to this neighbourhood so we can get services like urban areas. Bell would make more money too! Min service should include a min 300Gig/mo.