Intervention: Milton Councillor, Ward 3 (Nassagaweya) (Intervenor 190)

Document Name: 2015-134.223717.2388125.Intervention(1f6_t01!).doc
May 11, 2015
High **** Internet in Rural Milton
**** C. ****

WHEREAS “Rural Connections …The Ontario Municipal Rural Broadband Partnership Program” was a joint effort between the ministries of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), Government Services, and **** Business and Entrepreneurship;

AND WHEREAS rural residents of Milton have expressed concerns that rural Internet Connectivity has fallen behind urban standards;

AND WHEREAS rural residents require Broadband capacity for personal, business and education purposes;

AND WHEREAS “The vision for Milton is: Engaging, Balanced, Connected”;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Town of Milton Council request that Industry Canada ensure that the licenced spectrum be made available to Internet Service Providers willing and able to service rural residents and businesses effective immediately that are not serviced by common internet technologies such as cable and fibre;

AND FURTHER THAT a copy of this Notice of Motion be forwarded to Halton Region, the Milton MP and MPP, FCM (the Federation of Canadian Municipalities), AMO (the Association of Municipalities Ontario), ROMA (Rural Ontario Municipal Association) and OGRA (Ontario **** Roads Association).

Intervention: Milton Councillor, Ward 3 (Nassagaweya) (Intervenor 190)

Document Name: 2015-134.223717.2388123.Intervention(1f6_r01!).doc
Survey Questions

#1 I/my family accesses HI-SPEED Internet Service through (check all that apply Hi-Speed Cable


Hi-Speed Line of Sight


Wi-Fi ****

Wi-Fi wherever I can find it

Cell Phone

There is NO Hi-Speed available at my home


Don't know

Other (please specify)
(Others: largely DSL , Rogers Hub, Cell Phone)
Rogers Hub Modem
Bell rural wireless

I have satellite internet but I don't think I would consider it high speed.

this only allows you to check one! when it asks to check all that apply? Was Line of Sight and had to change to Satelite. Cell Phone, Wi Fi **** Turbo hub through cell towers. Satellite won't work in my area for Internet according to bell and rogers DSL

Bell turbo hub which is the same as cell phone really.

Bell hi speed
Bell DSL
DSL bell sympatico
Rogers Rocket Hub

Your check all that apply does not work. You should always pilot a survey before sending it out. I have a satellite with Xplornet, but it is not high speed.

We had Satelite (Xplornet) but gave it up because of reliability issues. Now we tether from my phone.

Rogers Rocket Hub
At home, and cell phone is the best

Rogers- Ipad I called the Nass Provider- they told me if I want internet service I would have to MOVE. and then laughed. So I hung up! we live close to the escarpment bluff.

We are with isn't Cable, so not sure how to classify the answer above.

Xplornet Line of Sight is our ISP. But calling it high speed is now laughable.

High speed phone line.
Bell Fibe over the phone line
Via MDS wireless
Rogers hub
Bell telephone line
Cell wifi

Satelite and fixed wireless. No High **** Access available.

DSL Why is this not listed???

Hi **** through 3G network (Rogers). "Line of sight" sounds like terrestrial 900 MHz which is not what I have Bell Wireless Internet 5 - using the cellular network.

Satelite and cell phone

Turbo stick. Essentially the same speed as dial up but at triple the cost!

DSL service (Non-Fibre) from Bell
mobile (cellular) modem through Rogers Wireless

We have dial up with Bell, but you can't consider it hi-speed.

Bell LTE wireless

bell Line of Sight through Xplornet and Cell Phone. Cannot "check all that apply" because it only allows you to check one.

used to be dial up but that is no longer worth it. Now we use a lap top and leave the house in search of WIFI or at a friends house.

We have 4G Cellular Mobility plan that we use for our home computers. It is called the Turbo Hub Flex Data Plan. Because data beyond 3GB becomes increasingly more expensive, we often leave home to seek out free Wi-Fi.


Satellite , wifi where found like libraries or macdonalds, cell phone when out of the hole we live in (rarely as expensive) rogers "rocket hub" (ha ha)

**** hub - data package through Telus.. and VERY expensive.

Fixed Wireless
not sure. It's a bell phone line.
Rocket Hub (4G data connection).

.We use Bell's TurboHub and TELUS' SmartHub services, which I believe is satellite.

Xplornet fixed / ground based - wireless
Cellular connection via a Rogers Rocket hub.

Your survey will only allow me to check one despite your "check all that apply" instructions. As well as "Hi-seed Line of Sight", we use "Wi-Fi ****", "Wi-Fi wherever I can find it", and "Cell Phone" Bell Hub (faster than dial up)

Was unable to multi select Hi **** Line of Sight Wi Fi **** Wi Fi Wherever i can get it Cell Phone Our service was sold to the municipality based on providing high speed access to the community. I hardly see how twice dial up speed (our normal rate ranges between 0.120M and zero) with frequent outages and disconnects qualifies as "high speed". I guess it is one of those technical terms that has no legal definition. The ethics of selling the service as high speed is in question.

Cellular Internet, (turbo hub)
Cell Tower - Bell Turbo Hub
I use a Rogers turbo stick. NETGEAR.

We have satelite internet, however, i do not believe it is Hi-speed!!!

Rogers Rocket Hub
Cellular hub
DSL line - moderate hi speed

i am tempted to reply that there is no hi-speed available- but we actually do pay for hi-speed satellite internet We use Rogers Hub, so speed depends on how busy Rogers Cell phone users are, sometime good, but of the time so-so.

Broadband (Rogers Hub)
DSL Over land line. Only max 2.5 meg

High speed via Satellite (you may want to add this to your options list. We missed this!) ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````#2 For me/my Family, the Internet is


Very Important



· My husband works from home 3 days a week. Two kids are in university and live at home. Another two kids are in virtual high school. I use it for ever day life and work part-time as a volunteer for our church which requires internet.

· **** my wife and I work from home. **** and reliability are critical for us to effectively run our businesses.

· internet use is a very important part of our lives. I was disappointed when the Nass Internet Provider customer service person I spoke with told me that in order to be a customer I would have to MOVE. he laughed and I hung up.

· Used for both personal and business use.

· 2 people working from home and 1 university student - internet is essential · We use it as much or more then TV. I run a business from my home as well as an employee with another company · The internet is used for work at home and the connectivity and reliability is of utmost importance · I have a home business. (Graphic design and web publishing. My livelihood depends on the Internet.

· There is an increasing shift by banks to use the internet in order to avoid bank charges. As a result the importance of hi-speed internet is becoming very important. Also, there is an increasing shift to have monthly bills being delivered using the internet.

· It is an essential service. We rely on it for banking services. We are expected to both receive and pay most bills electronically. For example if we opt for a paper bill from Bell, there is an additional charge. My communication regarding personal and community activities is done through emails. Even booking appointments for blood tests is done on line.

· In this century, having reasonable access to the internet is as much a part of living as is food and water. Poor access restricts our educational experience for our children, our pursuit of our business and the overall social experience.

· Kids are required to frequently use the internet for school work. I also need to use the internet for work purposes and find that I have to drive to town to use free Wi-Fi at McDonalds!!

· I work for IBM at home, 3 days a week 2 of my children are doing high school through where all of their instruction is through online videos and web pages. The other 2 children are in unversity and college and require internet for submitting their work and access materials.

· For work and education requirements

· critical means oour life depends on it. That is nto quite accurate but it is an expected tool we need to function normally now.

· Becoming increasingly important

``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` #3 How RELIABLE is your Internet Service?No Interruptions 5.62%


Generally available

Frequent Interruptions

Can't count in it
· too slow/unreliable/not getting what i pay for

· With Xplornet wireless there have been interruptions, but they have been few are far between and relatively short. Reliability is not the issue.

· often available but speed is totally unreliable and almost never at the speed listed which makes it difficult to work from home.

· Since I contacted them about it and they reset the modem it seems more reliable but it slows down a lot with brief interruptions. This is my second go at this survey as it slowing right down and then lost the connection briefly.

· brutally slow and getting slower annually

· Often short outages. More importantly very incosistant speeds although we are on the highest Business package with Xplornet · Have complained to BELL numerous times asking for a 50% discount as it works only half the time. Was told-well, that's dial up for you. Terrible customer service!

· but cannot get the advertised speeds

· I am extremely happy with the Rogers Ipad/Cell data and it's reliability. I live close to the Escarpment bluffs and have NEVER had an issue. I was very disappointed when the Nass internet person was so blunt about moving away f rom the escarpment If Rogers can provide a Wi-Fi (non land line) product that is that reliable, why can the Nass company no also offer the same?

· While interruptions are not terribly frequent their occurrence seems to be increasing · The service is generally available but very lacking in performance.

· Usually unacceptably slow in the evening and on weekends. It's only "high speed" very late at night.

· **** - or lack thereof - is an issue especially during high usage times. Also occasional interruptions.

· Installed two services, Fixed wireless and Satelite each serving as backup service to the other.

· Xplornet is garbage

· terrible..I I can understand the towers being overloaded with customers and slowing down BUT we have our own satellite.We mostly cannot get it on at all.for instance yesterday (Sunday 24th). We recently paid for a new satellite dish to supposedly uprgrade our speed and it's worse than ever.We are currently being charged automatically 71.00 per month for totally unreliable service.Even when we manage to get on it will suddenly take us off.In On February 17 explornet implemented a new something and we had no service..for sometime. The new format seems to contribute to the slower service.

· Very, very slow to connect and then download and not always able to get, for example, utube · Since the time we changed to tower from satellite last week, it is little better.

· Interruptions are not the primary issue of concern. It is extremely slow response time for opening documents, web pages, etc. Worse than dial up..

· Much slower than I am paying for.

· Slow; particularly at certain high traffic times of late afternoons, weekends. Apart from normal traffic, we believe that increased service providers in the area results in slower speeds.

· service speed intermittent
· It has never worked two days in a row.

· No longer have it at all. Not worth the money when all I get is hours of frustration.

· It seems to be quite reliable, but we are constantly having to use our data to check on our data usage to ensure that we can keep the cost of our home internet as low as it used to be, before our reliable and affordable Unplugged 3G service was terminated.

· Problems in the evening.

· Can disappear during bad weather. Also is really slow · Better since I complained and a service person came out.

· Terrible results and worse service/response from provider Xplornet.

· Is always down during the day
· Very slow or no service at times

· inadequate - inconsistent speeds, and some service interruptions Overall just not TRUE high speed by todays standards very disappointed · Cell modem we use frequently drops off, especially in rain. Also speed is very slow a lot of times.

· Generally available, however, VERY slow - especially when we go over the 40 GB per month, then our internet service slows right down - I refuse to pay any extra for more GB (that can only be purchased as we use them at a very high cost per GB). I do not have any option for purchasing a plan with more GB per month - I am stuck with this one plan · slow and not what I paid for. they keep advertising yet they have no bandwidth left. They indicate that they are getting two more satellites but they do not own satellites ... they rent channels and there is nothing stopping them from renting more channels now ....... to get the bandwidth that is needed. Xplornet is a rip off but with Bell and Rogers holding the alternative lease on bandwidth ... we are stuck · But to be fair I am not sure if it's the service our our old modem - it's due to be upgraded. We are also surrounded by trees so I think I need to add an external antenna.

· Sometimes so slow it may as well be unavailable
· Too slow too work most of the time.

· Depends on the day of the month and if their is a major sports or news event going on.

· Generally OK, but no very good for large downloads, they a expensive ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````#4 I/My family uses the Internet for (Check all that apply to you/your family) –

Regularly –
Frequently –
Occasionally –
Seldom –
Never –
Total –
Weighted Average –

Business (Home Based)

Business (Working from ****)

Education (School, teaching, research)

Personal (email, banking, etc.)

Social media (Facebook, etc.)

Entertainment (music/Netflix/etc.)
· Data cap precludes use for Entertainment

· Net flix Not available without Buffering constantly!

· We have never tried to get movies over the internet as when we have tried to get anything it is so slow we have ended up tethering our phones and recording it to a USB.

· I would use it for more, such as entertainment, if the speed was faster. I have Xplornet · We are unable to use our Internet for Entertainment as the service is too slow. We typically cannot watch a YouTube video clip through without buffering and trying to stream content such as the news is out of the question.

· Information
· download audio books from public library

· we would use Internet regularly for entertainment but DONT because the Internet is too slow to make it an enjoyable expeience · We have 4 people in the house, both my wife and I work from home, and we have one child in College living at home, and one in high school · Banking takes forever. Can't load pictures from friends. This survey took forever just to get started.

· Entertainment occasionally since cost of internet is steep so limit uses to required items typically each month · We use Bell Mobility Turbo Hub; I am on the internet every weekday, all day long; the service is great · We cannot access many news media, informational and educational websites' video streaming. Due to slow speed and/or bandwidth. Likewise, downloading of information and current events podcasts for later listening is too slow.

· storing and managing photo libraries
· Streaming services are unuseable
· Usually too slow for Netflix.
· Not strong enough for entertainment

· Research of subjects that are of interest (there are many!), shopping, news · I cannot use entertainment and seldom can I use facebook as it is too slow.

· Social media is also done from phones using mobile cellular data services while at home.

· Online shopping
· Can't afford to used Internet for Entertainment

· don't use entertainment at all as too slow and too expensive · Homeowner's large business documents/scientific plus Skype use is frequently impacted by slow speeds. We cannot use Netflix since connection too slow. Certain social networks like Youtube are also very difficult to use due to slowness.

· I would purchase Netflix if the Internet service was faster. We used to have Netflix but the broadcast could not stream in fast enough so there were constant interruptions. We therefore had to cancel our subscription.

· not fast enough for Netflix

· If I had internet I would use it for all of the above except - business · Any software programs or upgrades that are required by members of our family are usually only available for purchase online. It is very costly to download software. We occasionally buy music on iTunes. We would never consider watching a movie or television show because the use of data would be prohibitively expensive.

· Can't log into computer at the business - different location · long distance communication

· Netflix is impossible on satellite. Even YouTube doesn't work. Plus runs over the quota so cost is prohibitive · Note: connection is too slow to support Entertainment · We also have a security system and cameras hooked up to our Internet, so it is imperative that our service is reliable to keep those systems going.

· Bandwidth charges make video streaming prohibitive.

· Entertainment is rated occasionally because of the limited capacity Rogers provides me at a cost I can afford. I get 3 GB a month which is very limiting. When I go over the 3 GB it costs an additional $15 and so on. I am tied to a contract for the next 2 years and Rogers won't budge on price. With Xplornet I could get 100 GB for $60.

· Unable to stream Netflix due to speed, so don't use it for that purpose.

· Online purchases
· Skype .

· Can't do Netflix, music, movies because with any provider out here it is to expensive.

· 2 adults working from home and 4 kids - youngest is 20 yrs old- but social media and demands on high speed is in great demand · Can't use current service for any type of streaming as connection is to slow.

· I would be able to work from home more if I had more reliable internet.

· Volunteer Work done at home.

· Lot of these are less because of slow speeds. We have adjusted what we do at home and at work.

· We would like to use it for Netflix and music, but it's too slow.

· Can't use our internet for Netflix because the service is so poor.

· We can't afford to do entertainment because all of the data cap is consumed by critical needs like work and school.

· Can't use it for Entertainment - too slow.

· Although I could work from home as I want to I do not as I am not able to remote in to my office without ridiculously slow results which makes it impossible to be productive. My family has no option at home but to endure near dial up speeds. We do not even attempt entertainment or communication internet usage anymore.

· we would LIKE to use it even MORE however, we are limited by its speed (ie. we cannot use Netflix/YouTube videos/etc) `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````#5 The actual delivery **** (upload/download) of my Internet is Excellent




Too slow


I'm not getting what I pay for
Total Respondents: 354

· Listed at 3 mg/sec but it is slower than that. You can you to 5 Mg/se put you have to have an uninterrupted line of sight from what I understand. I am very close to the tower at Nassagaweya First line and 28 side road, but I have to blast through the trees.

· Definitely not getting the speed I am supposed to get.

· Acceptable most of the time, but no consistently so.

· Many times it cuts out, I loose data and emails.

· Have had ongoing issues with Bell for 10 years...been paying for HIGH speed, but only get 2.51Mbps Dwnld and 0.32Mbps Upload...they have told me for years all they need do is add a 'booster or stinger' to strengthen signal from 'central station/box'...they keep wasting my time and theirs, by conducting 'protocol' to send out technicians only to say the exact same thing over and over, despite my telling them this. VERY FRUSTRATING. All my neighbours have same issue.

· On a scale of 1 - 10, acceptable rates around 4

· It seems to be getting worse each month (slower......), as it is now I am looking at other options.

· We subscribe to 2 internet providers because both are so bad and so expensive.

· It slows down a lot at peek times, dinner-bed time as an example · .We pay over $150 per month for sub par speed compared to urban areas.

· When working was acceptable

· Can't watch vedios, sometimes downloading pictures takes forever...

· I had Bell land line internet. was very very slow. my current provider is excellent- spontaneous up/down load .

· Xplornet promotion of data speed was optimistic when we subscribed as soon as it was made available as part of the government supported rural internet initiative in Milton. And over the 4 or 5 years we have been a customer we have received communications from Xplornet where they deny under performing against their "speed guarantee", excusing themselves by claiming the guarantee is what their maximum would be. From our point of view we don't understand what they are really promising for the monthly fee.

· I pay for a 3Mbps download and 1Mbps upload but on average only get about 25% of that · When one person is using the Internet the speed is generally acceptable. Internet speed is often too slow when more that one person is using the Internet.

· The speed of service from Xplornet is very poor. I makes many applications (i.e. Netflix and other streaming services) virtually unusable. It is not even possible to get updates to many of my programs (i.e. Garmin map updates).

· Xplornet refuses to fix the problems . Service is just crap · **** is variable

· Now after changing to tower

· As long as it is nothing longer than 5 minutes. Netflicks is out of the question.

· Xplornet When working from home through VPN, the responses are slightly delayed.

· but only barely so and intermittent. Not good for downloading large videos etc.

· I got rid of it because I was not getting what I paid for.

· Unable to watch videos etc, without constant buffering · We are clearly very far behind ... sometimes unusable. While too slow is subjective ... it currently does not keep up with the demands of the house. We sometimes use Bell MIFI as backup but thats very expensive as our second provider.

· Too slow for what I am paying for to Xplornet

· Cost of satellite is ridiculous compared to conventional services · Intermittent and unreliable. If it works, it is ok. Often very slow and provider will do nothing.

· Always below the speed package that we are paying for. Often drops off requiring us to unplug everything and reset connection.

· Our service is supposed to be a download speed of 5000 At night it goes down to as low as 300, which is not usable.

· I have a technical background and do know a fair bit about networking. Your subscriber module disconnects from the access point not only any time the weather is not good but at other times as well. This may be caused by trees in the line of sight and without better network design of your access point antenna it will always remain. A taller antenna would give better line of site coverage but I suppose for your cost savings this was not done. Other disconnects often happen when network traffic is high, I believe this is the access point re-booting when buffers overflow. I guess this is because the provisioning was not done correctly and that the access point is over subscribed. The network will not support even the low level of service outlined in your "fair access" document.

· older xplorent service - bursting on startup of download but speed quickly slow down - hurry up and wait syndrome.

· Terribly inconsistent. Varies from acceptable to unusable.

· The speed varies, however, there is no doubt that we are not getting anywhere close to what we are paying for. We have a 3mbps package, and we are lucky to receive 1/6 of that, Broadband in Canada is defined as being internet speeds over 5mbps, in the US it is defined as being over 25mbps. There is no doubt, no one in rural Milton currently has broadband.

· I can't access even short videos let alone stream longer webisodes, movies or even lengthy clips. **** of all Skype and FaceTime don't work because the system is too slow and I use them both for my business and also to communicate with my deaf daughter. I am forced to drive into town for all my web based work beyond simple searches and email.

· I can't share screens with people at work which is a frequent requirement.

· my latest download speed tests on **** 14th at 9:40 pm was .08 mbs and upload was .17 mbs and on **** 15th at 7:28 am it was .26 mbs down and .28 mbs up .

· Advertised speed is a burst speed which is fine for small downloads but seems to be throttled back to a very slow speed quite quickly making most download and upload tasks actually much slower than what advertising might lead you to believe you would be getting.

· Every month we run beyond the 50Gb data cap set my our ISP.

· .Often on Netflix I get 1 min of movie and 1 min of loading. It usually takes 90 mins to see a 45 min show · The speed is disgusting. The ISP is ripping me off every time they invoice me.

· Sometimes its terribly slow

· Our download speed never matches what is advertised for the product we have purchased ( it is always slower). Watching videos even just from Youtube is usually an exercise in frustration. Some days the internet is utterly unusable. Yesterday, I spent 3 hours researching how to purchase something because the internet was sooooooo sloooooowwwww.

````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````#6 The monthly cost of my Internet Service is generally Less than $60


$60 - $100


$201 - $300


Over $400

· New contract allows 20GB for about $60/month. Until recently my bills were $150-200/month.

· only allowed 3 GB per month and then there are extra charges · Cellphone usage paid by my employer

· 34.95 plus tax for a service that works half the time! I have wanted to cancel so many times but my son needs it for school..................when he can get on. He has often had to stay after school to use their computer.

· With this cost only get 60 MB
· We have always paid < $60

· We are on the original Xplornet Line-Of-Sight platform, where they split billing into monthly service and equipment rental. Suggest scrutinize any claims they make about low monthly fees because fter 5 years as their customer they have long since written down their equipment cost and are reaping a windfall.

· We have a cap & between the 2 of us using the Internet (& we have to really limit how much we download or what apps we use), we often go over our measly limit from **** & have to pay what seems to be a fortune.

· Extortionate rates for exceeding cap. The least we pay is $185. Our usage is 95% business-related · Way too much for crap

· Varies depending on usage each month. Minimum is $100 · I'm currently paying for internet from two companies (Bell - $60/month + MDS - $50/month), one provides me with ok speed but limited downloads (Bell), the other provides me with brutally slow speeds but unlimited downloads (MDS).

· I'm getting robbed.

· I find the monthly billing charges very expensive for how often I use the service and considering that the response times are a bit too slow.

· It was $ 100. 00

· We used to get 30 GB of data for $45 per month. Now we get only 3 GB of data for $45 per month. That is ten times less data for the same money. 15 GB is $90. Each GB beyond that is $15. So, with our current plan, 30 GB of data now costs $315 per month. That is why we drive with our computers to Starbucks, Tim Hortons or the Milton Public Library to do most of our internet work. As seniors on pensions, we are trying to keep the costs down to what we used to spend on internet, so we have to leave home to do this. Our son who does audio engineering cannot work from our home anymore.

· We have to pay for every thing we do (e.g. emails, downloads etc.) If we download a video we are over our data for the month and are charged much more.

· Na. Service is not available
· don't know

· Was previously over $500 with Bell Satelitte until I switched to Xplorenet...this service provide does not have reliable service · for 20 gigs ..... upgraded 3 times

· It's a stepped plan so in theory it could be as low as $45, but it never is. 90 - 120 is usual.

· This is a pretty wide $ option that might not tell you enough. you might want to add more price breaks..

````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````#7 The cost of my Internet Service is

A Bargain


Too high
· Data cap limits use

· The cost, especially due to the extremely limited bandwidth, is unreasonably high. 20 Gb of bandwidth is ridiculously low in this day and age!

· Acceptable if it worked as advertized!
· Acceptable if it was dependable
· I use wifi

· I would like it lower but as there are no limits its not to bad a price.

· Many of the companies I have checked into do not service this area.

· For the service we get it is too high. Plenty of times we have service barely better than dial-up speeds. I would have no issue paying what we pay if we actually received high-speed internet service for that price.

· if we stay within the 3 GB monthly limit
· I am willing to pay more for higher speed.
· Disgusting!
· Too high for the speeds and reliability we get.

· It would be acceptable if the quality of the service was equal to what other receive in cities · considering that it is so unreliable.

· For what we're getting as opposed to what we should be getting · while I don't pay a huge amount for internet, it is very unreliable, it doesn't meet the standards of performance that are claimed. and service when there is a problem is so bad that I will NOT pay more for a higher calibre of service that I arguably won't get either.

· Too high vs speed, access...
· If it worked, it would be acceptable
· For the service I get

· It might be an acceptable amount if they delivered what they originally advertised.

· We have a cap & between the 2 of us using the Internet (& we have to really limit how much we download or what apps we use), we often go over our measly limit from **** & have to pay what seems to be a fortune.

· Much too high for the actual performance
· When u font get what u r paying for

· Too high for the Internet speed we get (too slow) - and the down-time.

· The fee is too high for the value of the service. I would gladly pay more however if the service warranted it.

· We have a tower on our property so pay nothing
· If it works
· Acceptable if it worked and was much faster
· For the service I get.

· too high for the speed I get which is not as advertised.

· Personally the value or benefit I receive is really not worth more than $30 per month. I don't mind paying extra for when I use it but if I'm not using it then those months should be very low.

· Unless the speed improves.
· Usage billing pushes prices even higher.

· $315 for 30 GB per month is way too high! It used to cost $45 for 30 GB of data from the same company. This increase is unacceptable.

· for what we get

· Too high only because I do not get anywhere close to what I am paying for.

· Na
· don't know

· I keep my usage down considerably because the more I use it the higher the cost. So for instance, if I need to upgrade my System Software I end up paying a monstrous bill at the end of the month whereas city people with unlimited access can download/upload to their heart's content with no real concern for cost. I would like to find out if our Provincial and Federal government really thinks this is fair!

· because of terrible speed and reliability
· Acceptable if it delivered service as promised.

· Would be happy to pay if the service was reliable · Cost per gb way too high. $65 for 3gb compared to my son in Mississauga who get unlimited bandwidth · The price is not the issue, it lack of service, low caps on data · Our cost has been reduced due to poor service. We would like to subscribe to a service that would provide us with better performance at an agreed cost. When the service goes out for a week, no cost is acceptable.

· For the speed I am getting it is too much. My office in town has 25 Mbps for $80 from Rogers - I am paying $80 for 7 Mbps and usually I am only getting 1-2 Mbps · -for what we get. The price would be adequate if we had better speed.

· Even though we limit what we use and we do not do any streaming, it is still very expensive.

· too high for what we get. If it was even close to hi-speed, I would be more satisfied, but it is NOT · Well, if I actually got consistent service, I would consider it acceptable!

· 5/20/2015 8:29 PM View respondent's answers
· For the service we receive

· I would be willing to pay the same amount for very fast, reliable service.

· I don't mind paying for true high speed such as exists in urban areas but this barely-more-than-dial up is a complete rip off.

· **** available - not many choices

· Way too high especially if you look at performance per dollar. Its criminal. I pay at a rate that should deliver at speeds 50 times what I am obtaining.

· Legalized monetary rape

· My grandparents in Toronto pay $70 per month for internet and phone with double the speed and almost double the data Cap while we pay around $60 for Internet and hope that it doesn't rain here or in Nova Scotia (or wherever the satellite beams down to) and then have the Internet drop to a crawl at the end of the month when we exceed our data cap (mind you half the data that was used in the data cap was pathetically slow and not at the speeds we were told we were to receive anyways).

· it wouidl be acceptable if we got the promised service. It is expensive for what we get.

· IF we actually got hi-speed. I would be willing to pay much more for quality internet speed · To high for what I get

· Too high for what we get

· If it were reliable and I had unlimited data usage, I would not be complaining. However, we are unable to stream any videos whatsoever as this will throw our bill well over an acceptable level (we pay per GB over 20 GB).

· Only acceptable. We should have MUCH better speed and bandwidth for the $ we're spending. NOT comparative to urban offerings.

`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````#8 The importance of each category for my Internet Service –

Essential –
Very Important –
Important –
Somewhat Important –
Not important –
Total Respondents –




Monthly Usage available

· I would be prepared to pay more to actually enjoy reliable high-speed Internet service.

· I download lots of data for my work at home, so limits that are too low are unacceptable (shared bandwidth). Again I am will to pay for I need, it is just not available.. This should be considered a critical service by city planners.

· ISP's should be pressured to offer unrestricted rollover of unused monthly data allowances, like the mobile phone companies are doing in response to competition.

· Unlimited usage is a prerequisite due to the large amount of data available.

· don't know what monthly usage means

· customers should get what the company says it will deliver. Not happening!

· ALWAYS over.

· I would love to see a bill for $0 on those months where I have not used the Internet at all and bill me accordingly on those months where I did use it.

· .We understand that no system is perfect.
· Cost should reflect level of service

· Just the sheer fact of the service should be provided in all areas to all homes. Not pleased that we are not able to access Internet in our region as there is a wait list **** Heights · We can't even get Netflix because the amount of bandwidth available to rural residents is so low and so costly, compared to our urban counterparts.

· Cost is way Too High for what I'm getting,the extra band width charges are really annoying, especially when I'm constantly seeing ads for unlimited packages elsewhere for the same cost or less!

· with 3 teenagers at home unlimited service is the only affordable option..monitoring their usage would be impossible.

· If I could get the speed of service reliably that I pay for now I pay at a rate that would be 10 mbs not the average of .20 mbs download that I experience.

· There is a lot I would like to be able to use internet for in my business with clients that I cannot due to slow speeds and bandwidth. It is increasingly difficult to present myself as a credible supplier with sub-standard connectivity. If other alternatives were available I would jump to a new supplier; however, trees and other issues make service to our location very difficult. We need more spectrum to support improved service in our rural area.

````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````#9 How satisfied are you with your current Internet Provider?

I am happy with my Provider

I am considering changing my Internet Provider

I would go with a new Internet Service Provider if I could get better service 69.69%


Actively looking for new Internet Service

Another option, Please!
Total Respondents: 353

· Unaware of any other options as I am in a location that is not serviced by others.

· better as in faster
· As in more data for less money

· Current provider is reliable and acceptably fast, but has woefully inadequate usage caps and extortionate overage fees for families with multiple users and devices. We have had to resort to using a "home brew" router that enforces per-device data limits to avoid billing shocks, and *OFTEN* hit the data limits long before the end of the billing month. We are ~80km from the largest city in Canada and still suffer with worse than third-world internet access.

· Xplornet says there is nothing faster available out here in the trees and rocks. I would like something faster and one that does not go down like this am for 3 hours.

· If i upgrade i would get faster service but it is a large cost would change providers if I could receive faster service at a much more reasonable price.

· Would LOVE to get rid of Bell but as of right now, that's all that is available. Have called many other providers and apparently we are in a "dead" zone.

· I am always trying to find another alternative that is better, faster, cheaper. I would be willing to contribute to a new more effeciant provider · have no viable options

· I had hoped to change to the Nass provider system. but when the service guy on the phone said the only way I could access their system was to move, then laughed.... well I must say I will think twice before calling you again. customer service is very, very important to me.

· We do not have much choice of providers

· by better service, I mean price more than anything · Present service is very acceptable, but cost is a very important consideration.

· But speed is not very fast and at times Internet is down (for no apparent reason) · Unfortunately our options in this area are very limited.

· no other option

· If I had a reliable less expensive option i would take it.

· Given that they are all covered by the CRTC, choice is a joke, as the CRTC does not have customers interests at heart, only corporations · Just hoping for point to point service in the future with new tower coming on first line with xplornet.

· And cheaper service!!!

· Yet, we understand that optional providers may not be able to increase us to a reliable speed. We understand that Bell and Rogers may have a monopoly that impacts the types of services that other providers can offer.

· along with lower cost and no metering by the service provider · Giving up on rural internet altogether.

· No longer have service as it was unreliable and too expensive · I would like to have access to the affordable service that is provided to people in town. We are in a rural area, but very close to the new development in Milton. If the 4G Turbo Hub Mobility plan is all that Bell can provide to their rural customers, then at least they should provide it at an affordable price! The price differential between rural and town services is far too extreme!

· I wish the supposedly hi-speed service I get would indeed be hi- speed for the price I pay.

· Our wifi device is very expensive!
· no other options! that sucks!

· Always looking for other option but cell towers are not in the "right" places · Optical Cable Please! We don't have any cable of any kind at present!

· Not satisfied at all.

· Fed up with paying for 3MB/s service which is actually a maximum of 0.7MB/s after the first 30 seconds of use and is usually throttled to 35kB/s most of the time. I have seriously considered going back to dial-up because of the speed and cost and because I have to reboot the radio/modem 2 to 4 times a day.

· service never seems to work on Sunday's

· The Xplornet moniker should be changed to: "Internet service provider of last resort" · I have always been looking for better & MORE IMPORTANT faster service. but xplornet has been the ONLY option. but now that the **** 15/15 meeting happened - all of a sudden they can now offer faster services....coincidence???? not sure bout that - seem suspicious. but they definatly want to keep the business....hmmmmmmm · just more speed would be nice

· I have used my current provider for over 10 years. I would prefer to stay with them, however, I am so frustrated, I would go with anyone that could provide more service · Looking for better pricing.

· Xplornet currently has no real competitors. If there were some, we would almost certainly switch. The speeds we receive are horrendous.

· there is only explornet

· In truth there are no options if you live in rural areas. The spectrum doesn't exists to allow the rural service providers to boost the speed. Rogers and Bell should be forced to sell spectrum or service rural areas as they do urban ones.

· There are no alternatives that are available that are better. The service in Nassagaweya is extremely old and unacceptable · As there is no bandwith available as spectrum is owned by Bell and Rogers I am stuck as they have no interest in servicing this area. Regretfully it appear that it will require one of their senior executives to move their family to our pocket of internet shadow service before change would occur. Their level of concern is evident by their inaction and the indecency they displayed in not attending a meeting to which they were invited. I live aprox 30 km from the 6th largest city in Canada and I have relatives that live 650 km north of my home on a remote lake and they have far better internet service than I could dream of obtaining. The internet isolation is not only unreasonable in this day and age it is also unimaginable that the status quo can not be changed. I am certain the residents of the internet isolation zone will do whatever it takes to collectively move to resolution we need leadership and direction as this is clearly not something that we as individuals have influence over . The only other option we have is to sell our home and move to another region in order to prevent ourselves and our families from further becoming technically irrelevant.

· Have just partially switched to Bell Huawei. Still using Xplornet. **** switch completely if possible.

· Looking for higher speed option but with close or same monthly data quota (which is unlimited with our current xplornet plan).

· Our hands are tied behind our back because Xplornet is the the only company that can service our house.

· **** change service providers as soon as an alternative becomes available.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````#10 Please share YOUR story

(Separate Document – attached)
For more information, contact:
**** Lunau
Milton ****, Ward 3 (Nassagaweya)

home office: *-***-***-**** cell: *-***-***-**********@***.com

Intervention: Milton Councillor, Ward 3 (Nassagaweya) (Intervenor 190)

Document Name: 2015-134.223717.2388124.Intervention(1f6_s01!).doc
10) Survey Question: Please share YOUR story (unedited)

I earn my living using the computer, IT support, Websites and Odd Jobs. The Local employment pay is not enough. When my internet is down, I can't work. Its time for the Internet to be a standard reliable service.

Stuck on xplornet. Please bring us something that you can actually stream youtube without it buffering for 30 seconds every 1 second

I've been with Xplornet since 2007, started with Satellite, then their Canopy and now their 4G. I'm paying $156 a month for "10meg" service, The average speed I get is 1-2 meg. They are PURPOSELY THROTTLING all the traffic. When you go to for speed test, it will show what you pay for. You go to any other website or youtube and it's slow as dirt. I work from home and use a VPN, and it's quite painful. My wind cell phone doesn't even have full signal and I get 10x the speed on it, but I am not allowed much traffic over that. Xplornet says there is nothing wrong, they have horrible customer service. It's pointless even calling them when you have a problem. I've almost considered moving back to the city just so I could get usable internet since my career depends on it. I also considered setting up my own private Internet with a tower on guelph line since there is a fibre line that runs down it, did topographical radio charts and it's doable, but it would cost a fair bit to setup to begin with so I didn't end up trying. Thank you so much for putting effort into bringing something better than XplorCRAP.

Completely dissatisfied however I do not have any option. I am considering moving and this is a catalyst.

Paying for high speed internet yet only receiving dial up speeds. Xplornet is in need of competition. They have a monopoly on rural "highspeed" internet. Our free enterprise system needs competitors ·

We use the internet daily. The line of sight hi speed is not sufficient to deliver video down loads without it being very slow and constant stoppages. Also find that there are often times when the internet response time is much slower than normal. We would like to move to a service that is higher speed and can support video and music streaming.


My current contract and service is much better, but i would still consider switching. Reliability is key for me, i can accept slightly slower speed or higher cost. Current contract gives me 20GB/month for about $60. Until recently i was getting about 5GB for that amount, and my bills were regularly $200/month.

I am a senior on a pension and the cost, considering the lack of service, is far too high. Just updating my virus definitions uses up a significant portion of my monthly usage allotment.

When we first got rural wireless in Milton with the great efforts of several if was great. But 3 Mg/sec is slow these days where 50 Mg/sec is routine. Looking forward to the day I can get 15 Mg/sec at a reasonable cost.


From day one our service with Xplornet has been mediocre, as time has gone by it has gotten worse. When we ask why the service is not up to par we were told that the service that we purchased allows us to get "up to" the speed mentioned and it is not a guarantee to get the top speed. We are very frustrated and hope that something can be done. IS there a class action suit against Xplornet where the current rural customers can get a refund for the lack of service provided over all these years. Remember that when they won the contract to service us they promised that we would get a reliable internet service with top speeds. **** Meogrossi ·

had explornet satellite service 6 - 7 yrs . Always has been slow to download. Tried improving signal / speed several times but provider always claims they are working on making it better but still slow as an old dog. They have been good to reduce my &&&& cost due to poor service ·

Have had a lot of trouble and interuptions. Slow and unable to do courses on line.

I was on satellite and switched to 'line of sight' to the tower that was installed at the end of my road. I have rural friends who live 20 k west of us and their internet service is 5 times faster than anything we can purchase in rural Milton. Frankly I feel that living in the GTA is what has handicapped us in getting modern internet speed. As a result of Bell no opening up their available spectrum to rural GTA customers, I have cancelled my home phone > next will by my satellite TV service. I urge ALL rural GTA customers to do the same. It seems that loss of potential revenue is the only thing Bell pays attention too.


My Family uses the internet to work from home, attend online school, and daily email and other casual internet activities. We are disappointed in the availability, speed, and quality that our ISP is providing against what we are paying for. I know that my grandparents in Toronto and Kitchener pay $10-$20 less than us for almost double the speed, monthly usage, and is always reliable with no black outs. We love living and working in the Campbellville/Milton area and I know my family would like to stay here, but because the internet is such a big part of our work and education we are seriously thinking of moving because of this. I know I am not the only one in this boat as I have been working in the Campbellville area and have talked to other residents who area of the same opinion. It seems like every year we are promised better service and that someone is working on fixing this problem. Unfortunately this story has gotten old we don't really believe any good news that we hear anymore. It is also hard to believe the in an area such as Campbellville/Brookville where so many wealthy people live, the ISPs don't care enough to provide acceptable service. We really appreciate that you (Cindy ****) are taking initiative and are trying to do something do fix this pressing issue.


many of the things I need to do are more and more becoming internet based, and is not possible with the current service. This puts rural people at a great disadvantage. Could eventually effect property prices.


Here are a few example of my challenges. Streaming videos online is almost impossible. For example, watching a movie on Netflix at the lowest possible quality setting often will not work or at least not without frequent and long pauses to rebuffer. I generally can't download software or software updates which makes it difficult since often these are no longer offered on disk (e.g. Microsoft office, Anti-virus updates, GPS map updates). I don't event try to work on a **** although that would be quite helpful. Newer websites with lots of embeded content are painful as they take forever to load. This is a real issue when most sites now include many graphics. At the very least, I would like to consistently get the internet speed that I am promised upon purchase.

**** speed during the day, terrible at night.
MDS Wireless in Brookville - very happy with service & cost

Our only options are Satellite or cellular hub. The Explorernet satellite is terrible..that only leaves cellular and reception in the campbellville area is poor. Telus is our best reception but bell has a 10GB plan that seems to fit our needs. We have tried both and they work ..but it sure would be great to have access to really good internet ·

I use my cell phone or wifi connects I can access. Everyone else I know in the area pays a ridiculous amount for internet. **** there is a solution ASAP.

The other big issue with the current ISP is the tech line hours of operation. For people who are not home from 9-5, you have to leave early or book a day/half day off. The service is dramatically slower during evenings.

xplornet is not delivering what the promise regarding speeds or reliability. Very disappointed.

I reside on First Line in **** just north of 15 Sideroad. Started out with Galaxy Broadband, service was unreliable, bandwidth caps, expensive, they throttled my speed back when too much bandwidth used. Then moved to Bell Tower Wifi, service was better, still unreliable, costly, acceptable bandwith limits until service discontinued about 4 years ago. Switched to Bell Turbo Hub, expensive, bandwidth caps, excessive overage charges, ended up having to utilize 2 Turbo hubs and 2 accounts to avoid overage charges, still a costly endeavor. Xplornet brought into household in July 2014 (satellite) after local installer promotion (2 year plan), initially speeds were decent but over the last 8 months, service has degraded and is only slightly acceptable at best, bandwidth limits and pricing reasonable. Also awaiting availability of Xplornet fixed wireless tower service currently unavailable in ****. Anxiously awaiting the next technological advancement in connectivity to climb out of the Milton rural black hole!


With 2 students and 2 adults in the house the internet is very important. Frequent interuptions, slow speeds and limited usage is an on going problem and causes unneeded stress when trying to complete school assignments, emails and banking and simple day to day taskes that require the internet. Driving to town so the kids can complete there homework assignments is getting old. Please help. Thank You **** Squires ·

The price is acceptable because that's all there is. The speed is acceptable because that's all there is and it's better than dial up. The service is out not infrequently, which is frustrating,but it's all there is. It's like pigeons scrabbling for crumbs. We get what we have because government doesn't care enough to ensure everyone has equal access. Friends in **** Rica have faster, cheaper service than we do here.

Live in Campbellville. Cogeco is excellent

This has been a frustating several years, as we do not have good service and very low band width. Sometimes I can't even send an email. On many occasions the service cuts out. When there is a rain or winter storm for sure it stops working. I rely on the internet for my work and business. If there was a way to get better service to this area at a more competitive price I would be glad to use it. When I see packages being offerd in other areas at 2/3 less the price I'm p[aying with much higher band width, it frustrates me to know that we don't have this available here. Sincerely A frustrated user.


We live within 60 km of the largest city in this COUNTRY. It is unfathomable to me that we suffer the Internet service we do from the Internet providers. If this is due to two of this countries largest service providers hoarding broadband bandwidth/spectrum from smaller ISP's who are willing to invest in smaller rural/outlying areas they should be ashamed. Furthermore, the CRTC should be taking action to ensure that this type of ridiculous unethical behaviour on the part of big business is not tolerated.


I and my husband use our 3G on our phones because rural Internet is too slow and unreliable. 3G is very expensive and since it is all we use we go through a lot of gigabytes it makes our bills very high. If we could get reliable fast internet at home we would probably be able to reduce our cell phones as we could use an in home plan when we aren't away or working outside.

I've gone through xplornet twice, Rogers rocket hub once and am now with bell turbo hub. So far so good with bell but it's pricey.

Seven years ago our internet speed with Bell was good and it has been degrading annually to the point where it is almost not functional to operate my business and family needs. Calling bell is a waste of time as they just do not care other than the service tech in **** will "surely help me". Cogeco is available on Guelph line serving exclusively **** school. They quoted me $250,000 to run service one block over to my street (pineview trail). they quoted my friend who lives on guelph line $17,000 to run the cable across the road to his home 150 feet away. If the town wants residents to live in these areas then access to technology is critical. We pay the same taxes are other milton residents but we do not receive the same services - no sanitary services, no water and waste pickup is a watered down service. Maybe allocate some money to tech?

The Service is essential for health purposes, as my wife has MS and diabetes. She has recently been hospitalized with viral pneumonia. It is also used for many other purposes.
Thanks for taking up the group cause!! We need HELP.

I have been using internet for over 10 years. My service has evolved (barely) from rotary dial to what Bell laughingly calls high speed in the Campbellville area. Rural service is very low on Bell's priority list, but their revenue is at the top of their list. I'm not optimistic, but thank you for trying to improve internet service here.


Our current provider is relatively reliable and acceptably fast (~5Mbps), but has woefully inadequate usage caps and extortionate overage fees for families with multiple users and devices. We have had to resort to using a "home brew" WIFI router that enforces per-device data limits to avoid billing shocks, and *OFTEN* hit the data limits long before the end of the billing month. We are ~80km from the largest city in Canada and still suffer with WORSE than third-world internet access. The incumbent telcos bamboozled the CRTC into letting them plow rural internet expansion funds for into their cell phone system rather into expanding ADSL land lines (Google "CRTC deferral fund" for details). This was fantastic for the telcos who were able to upgrade their lucrative cell system with rural internet expansion funds, but the price of this service is completely unacceptable for anything other than occasional email or browsing the miniscule data limits (e.g. 10Gb/month for the same price that suburban users get unlimited data caps). The CRTC *SERIOUSLY* dropped the ball on rural internet by concentrating solely on connection speeds and completely ignoring data caps. A rural user with a typical 10GB (gigabyte) monthly data cap and 5Mbps (megabit per second) download speed would start incurring (high) overage charges after only ~4.4 hours of full-speed use. Put another way, this means that the rural user can only use their connection at full speed for about half of one percent of the billing month.


I, like many professionals, work from a home office. Up until now, the internet service has been passable. Not great, but better than driving to the city. HOWEVER - things are changing. The company that I work for is expecting us now to use VOIP. I have tried it with my current internet satellite service, but it is impossible. This will mean that I will have to either start driving to Toronto every day or move out of Nassagaweya. My fear is that this will negatively affect my home value. Internet service is no longer a luxury - it is a necessity. On the entertainment side, I would love to get Netflix and cancel my regular TV provider. But I can't because my current service can't provide that kind of bandwidth and capacity. This means that it costs me more to live here than in town. (Satellite TV is much more expensive than Netflix or the other streaming TV providers.) The need for internet is growing at a much faster pace than the providers are delivering.


We have to use our cell phones as back up internet when the satellite is not available or is too slow. We do not get very fast or very many GB and are constantly watching our usage. We very often go over our usage and have additional fees. We did try and find a better plan but were told there are no internet towers close enough to use and that we can not get a signal from the tower that are available, we therefore have to use satellite. Which is hit or miss depending on the day.

I would have done this survey this morning but, the internet service was down.....................Truth
The download speeds at our home office are so low that it takes me a long time to download a single HD picture hit my business.

We have both Bell wifi and XPlornet. We were promised great things from XPlornet - didn't happen and we had to keep Bell to keep our email addresses. It's such a racket. The folks in town have Fibe and we have garbage. The speeds are brutal, the costs are ridiculous and the service...non existant. Our family has to go into Milton and sit at a Starbucks if we want to search the web or download anything.


A month ago the system was down for 3 days, it required Rockwood TV to come out and fix something. It cost me $150 service fee. It is expensive and I don't have the ability to down load much as it a small package for $72.00 If I exceed my usage I am put on dial-up. that happened by accident when I tried to back up some photo's. Day 4 of the monthly service and I was at 100%. dial up for the rest of the month.


I haven't set up my own internet service because of the poor service available. Use of my cellphone hotspot allows me to work from home but is costly for my employer and the connecting frequently drops.


Very fustrating I would work alot more at home and not commute into work if I rec'd faster internet as it stands now the costs are just too unreasonable. My girls always try and do school projects and they too find it way too slow but once again cost is a factor. Also when there is a storm or it is a cloudy day seems at times the signal is lost and the system is very slow Just because we are in the country we should not have to suffer with poor internet service we need it for our day to day needs also.


My family uses the internet a lot. Mainly not for the purpose of entertainment but for educational and work purposes. As to the educational purpose it is vitally important to have internet. I need to attend classes and participate in discussions etc. This means 8 hours of internet a day. However not only is the speed slower but there are frequent interruptions throughout the day. I also complete tests and assignments online and many times I'm in the middle of a test and the internet may have an interruption for a few minutes. I cannot sometimes complete the test or save the work, however sometimes the teacher can be graceful and allow a re-do. Other times my family has to go to the Milton Public Library for internet speed and service. The online learning world is expanding at a rapid pace and is the future of public education, many countries are investing into it. We need to be prepared for the upcoming online learning opportunities as it expands. It would be advised that the Ontario Government invest in this to expand better internet services to all locations. Some areas that i know of such as Haliburton/Madoc/Flinton area has hardly any service and is interrupted on a consistent basis. This is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with today.

currently using Xplornet (only option except Bell or Shaw satellite) - hoping Standard Broadband hits my location
We run an entirely Internet based business from our rural country property. Service is spotty at best and incredibly slow most times. Any wind or light rain seem to knock our services out.

High speed through xplornet is way too slow and contingent on weather conditions. I am unable to play a you tube video and general usage is too slow. Large web pages take forever to load (5minutes plus). Better than dial up but not a lot better. Almost unusable for a family of 5. Hard to believe that in southern Ontario 10 minutes off the 401 internet is as bad as it is. I would pay significantly more for true high speed internet.


The Internet has become an essential service akin to hydro, water, or roads. One of government's most critical roles is that of maintaining and developing infrastructure. This can be accomplished in a number of ways but I am hoping to see more competition introduced into wireless broadband internet to help drive costs down.


Too much loss of service and slow response especially at critical times. When you are without internet for 5 days or more at a time and it's not an area "thing" due to bad weather etc., it's totally unacceptable!! Would love a more reliable service provider.


without internet service for two months (documented) due to inadequate training of tech support, blame placed on every other system component but their own (xplornet). Literally had switched out every computer, router and modem on the system before they would escalate calls to second tier technician. Service technician showed up without proper equipment. Remote setting at xplornet was at fault. Download speeds are so unreliable and so underperforming that I refuse to subscribe for better service, as anecdotally and through my own experience, I am certain I will not get what I will be paying for.

Frustrated with bandwidth limits and cost of Rogers Cellular service for internet. Actively looking for alternatives.

I work from home and the kids tap into the wifi at the same time for school and socializing. We are constantly frustrated by our internet, frequently needing to unplug and replug. We also lose internet during storms.

We use Bell turbo hub but get charged for usage on weekends we are not even home; have frequent outages, pay way too much for a family of 3 with no netflix or other streaming being done
Xplornet sevice sucks and I have a tower on my property ****
Xplornet has not been a good option for us and we are still hoping for a better solution
cancelled by Xplornet about 2 years ago since they couldn't provide us with signal Rogers Rocket Hub - fairly reliable but extremely costly

Before Xplorenet was available in our area, we contacted a number of vendors - none really wanted to help us - with the exception of MDS Wireless. Today, we have been then for a number of years and I feel that they have given us excellent customer service (despite the interruptions in service). So I think we need to continue to offer people choices and not lock into a specific vendor such as Xplorenet (for example).


Although I'm on DSL, the internet is interrupted frequently every day. The speed is probably better than most people have in Campbellville, but compared to Milton it's still pathetic. Cable can move higher internet speed over longer distances than DSL. I have asked Cogeco many times to put their cable through to our street. They keep telling me that their priority is not Campbellville because Milton is growing so fast, they need all their manpower in Milton. That seems terribly unfair! How can we get Cogeco to expand their cable network throughout Campbellville?


I now use satellite as Xplornet no longer has reliable tower service for my home. Once again Xplornet has signed me up for a service which is over subscribed and rarely delivers on the agreed upon speed.


The real issue is the upload/download speeds ....we are on satellite which xplornet advised would be better than our line of sight dish.......satelite is more reliable but speeds are all over the place ...and not what they advise you can get. does not seem to be a viable option.


we had bell land line internet. It was so slow with up/down load that I could hit the go button, and then get a laundry started and dishes washed before the up/down load was complete. I went to Rogers, it is amazing. I wanted to access the then New Local Nass System. but when I called and the man on the phone heard that we lived near the escarpment hill, he stated if I wanted his service I would have to MOVE. I was speechless, he laughed and I hung up. I am happy with Rogers - their service/ reliability and especially their customer service.

Constantly goes out and poor service from provider
Already shared in previous question - our service is Bell Mobility Turbo Hub, which works super - I work from home and am on-line each week day, all day long. We have no complaints.
I work from home. To pay 3x what other areas and get less than 25% of the service is unacceptable

Service for Skype is terrible. It freezes, has voice echo and picture is poor quality. Xplornet will not send service reps to check the alignment of roof top receiver without a great deal of talking. It is always your equipment that is causing the problem, not their equipment. To fix a problem it is always the same solutions. Never an offer to come and check their equipment. It slow and speed tests are horrible. The service continues to get worse.

we use xplornet
I am interested in better speed, unlimited service for a fair price.
Somewhat higher speed would help.

Use rogers stick and i hate it, hate their billing of data, just an amount and no way to know if it is accurate or not, no idead how much is used daily just one amount pn bill. I have no other option, forest on property wont work with xplornet, cant grt a signal.


Standard Broadband solicited expressions of intent from neighbourhood residents to support their micro-wave line-of-sight solution, promising acceptable charge for true high speed. This was very welcome, but it would be advisable for the Town to review and approve their service/cost promises before offering any authorization for their tower-based broadcasting solution expected to go to market end **** 2015.

Our never work and if it happens to work it very slow

I recently contacted Xplorenet to complain about the poor and declining performance from their tower. They told me that there were actually fewer users on the tower so it should be better and claimed that it was, which was ridiculous. They then told me there were fewer users on the tower because everyone was switching to the new tower which offered faster service. They sold me on the faster service but reneged a few days later because they couldn’t actually delivery to our address. That was all very silly and leaves the open question, “Why is the service from the older tower slower today with fewer users than it used to be when there were more users?” The tower use to always be ok for Netflix but in the last year it slowed to the point where you generally can’t watch movies. The slow down seems to have been concurrent with the push to sell the new service. Interesting.


We were previously with Explornet, and the speed was atrocious... often less than 1 mbps. We switched to Standard Broadband and are getting speeds in the 5 to 6 mbps range... still not great, but we can live with it.


We've been in **** sine 1988 & started with dial up & then went to satellite & now are using WiFi. We have a cap & between the 2 of us using the Internet (& we have to really limit how much we download or what apps we use), we often go over our measly limit from **** & have to pay what seems to be a fortune. Whenever I go into Milton or Guelph, I try to access free WiFi to update my Apps or download large files. Compared to the US, the speeds here are so slow & service is very costly. The Internet is no longer a luxury; it's a way of life & we need better & more reasonably priced service in rural ****. Thanks for surveying us.


We currently have Rogers Hub Wi-Fi AND Xplornet Satellite. Neither are very reliable or fast but generally, if one isn't working or very slow, we are able to use the other. It is ridiculous and very costly to have to pay for 2 internet service providers so we are assured access to the internet.


My first experience with high speed Internet was with **** Explorenet (satellite) as this was the only game in town at the time. There was an initial cost of $1000 for equipment, installation and various fees. The monthly subscription was $55 for service "up to 3 Mbps". It was only on rare occasions that the download speed came close to that. A typical speed was 0.35 Mbps. When an Internet connection is advertised as 3 Mbps I feel that it should operate at or near that speed most of the time, not at one-eighth the advertised speed. When Bell brought DSL service to my area, I switched to them. **** Explorenet charged me a $300 early cancellation fee after I had been a subscriber for over 6 years. I signed up for Bell's 6 Mbps service, the fastest that they could provide in my area. They told me before I signed up that I should expect the actual speed to be around 4 Mbps because of the distance the distance from their central office to my residence. I check the speed occasionally and it averages 4.9 Mbps. Bell actually exceeds the speed they said that I should expect and they do it at much the same monthly fee. The up front equipment cost was $50 for a modem. Installation was free.


Explornet has been getting worse since last fall. I have complained and have had tech support to my home too see if they could improve the speed, without success. Explornet hasn't offered any solutions.


When I subscribed to xplornet I was told I will be able to use Skype, watch video on Youtube, do banking on line. Non of it is possible. Internet is very slow or quits completely. In the morning and after 4 o'clock it doesn't just slow down it quits. Sometimes I go days without service. I have two sons in high school and non of us are on any social media site Facebook, Twitter, etc or have account. We would like to be, but can not be bothered to spend hours just to try to log in let alone to upload picture or anything. Its hard to explain to friends from other countries, less developed as we are told by our government, that we live less than hour from downtown of largest Canadian city and can not be in touch via Skype, Facebook, etc. We tried to use our data plan on our cell phones (Rogers) but service and signal is just us bad and price is prohibitive.

Just lost an offer to purchase my home based on the Internet service in the area. (True story).
Xplornet charges too much for poor internet service.

Xplornet service is like riding on the back of a tortoise. I get the distinct impression that the profits that this company generates are used to expand it's market base rather than upgrading the service to a minimum standard.

Having only the slower speed phone service limits the availability of services when more than one person is using the Internet.
Terrible service there own installers come and won't even take the ladder off the truck "Nothing the can do"
It seems that we are second class citizens when it comes to services - inconsistency, dependability, overall less than satisfactory

Over the years dailup to line of site the internet for rural Milton has been sadly lacking. The high speed is not available to us and the cost is too great for we get. We're limited to the amount of useage at a reasonable cost . We don't have reasonable options to consider. It would be a get asset for rural Milton to have much better service with reasonable costs ·

Purchased several movies and shows from iTunes but can't play them same issue exists for Netflix
Just very poor unreliable service which is over priced I would welcome another option

Internet access has been our biggest challenge since we moved to country. We are ready to pay the cost but nothing else available other than one satellite provider that only provides a limited usage at a limited speed. I tried opening multiple accounts with them to increase my available data but it was not possible. Today, everything; entertainment, business, news, magazines, books are through Internet. In fact it is not possible to find some of these services other than on-line sources. It is very frustrating living in one of the strongest and most developed countries in the world and struggling with Internet service.

I would consider using a bundle of Internet, Cable TV (presently using over-the-air antenna), and phone - for faster internet speed and reliability.
Retired but use Internet a lot as an educational tool and for resources and research.
We come to live rurally from Mississauga. Very disappiinted with rural service.
Service too slow, relative to the price point.

****, generally I find Xplornet service good. I understand that some newer subscribers have been put on satellite as land based Fixed Wireless is full ...which I do notice at times that service is slow, especially in the evenings. I have LoS 2.4 GHz and service offering selected is 5Mbps download / 1Mbps upload. For our use it is usually satisfactory but I our performance suffers at times from congestion. It is not great for Skype and you would not use it for streaming e.g. Netflix. If Xplornet convinced me they could reliably provide higher speed e.g. 10 Mbps, I would consider it for these services and pay more. Generally at $53 per month for this service is it quite satisfactory. I did have to spend $1500 to put up the tower which is to be expected in this area. as the trees grow I will need to add a section to it and likely have to tether it to limit the sway from the wind. Thanks for checking on this. ...Mike and **** Rigo.

I work from home a lot and often need to drive to a coffee shop to do my work as my current service is very poor.

It is unbelievable that we are being held hostage by Bell and Rogers. As I understand it, they control the bandwith but will not use it or option it. How can the regulators allow this to continue?

Xplornet is very slow when using Netflix or u-tube.

I waste precious time trying to work on the internet. Whether I am working, researching, trying to watch a video, it takes up too much of my time due to the very poor speed. It's very frustrating and most of the time I give up and continue at a later time from a different location where there is truly high speed internet. I can't even watch Netflix on my **** TV because the speed is way too slow, and I am paying for the Netflix service. We are living in a time warp from the late eighties here in Nassagaweya, as we still continue to age and are paying today's top dollar for sub standard internet service. This is an injustice to our community! We now need immediate solutions not excuses!


We currently use Bell Turbo Hub. To us, the aesthetics of a roof mounted antenna, and the lack of signal strength due to tree issues preclude other Internet options. Nonetheless, being in a rural area, our costs are well above urban costs for significantly less GBs of usage.

poor service,expensive and not enough time for price
I am on Xplornet as I have no other options. I live in a forested area and apparently no other system is available for me. Consequently, I pay through the nose for a poor service.

We spend our time tracking MB's of data used so we don't exceed our 20 Gig limit, beyond that it becomes too expensive. Right now our daughter is 3 yrs old but as she gets older I have already come to the understanding that I will have to consider moving to an area where the Internet is affordable.


We have Standard Broadband as our internet service provider - whihc has been very reliablem abd does not impose a use limit - i.e. the monthly base rate is the the maximum charged. The amount of use does not afect the cost for the service. Cell phone is standard service with Bell Canada.


Am at the outer limits of Bell DSL service. **** is not as advertised and is impacted by rain/moisture occasionally. Would really appreciate a more reliable alternative - would move my home phone to internet based if the speed was there....

We re 5 kms from fibre optic lines but Bell has no interest in expanding the service. We have Rogers hub and suffer frequent loss of service and extremely high cost. Help please.

This area is too nice to have a large number of towers around. Would like to see wired internet service using existing copper infrastructure or, some other non-line-of-sight solution which does not require more towers.


Xplornet is becoming slower and slower with time. I called them to upgrade my service after receiving a flyer. They agreed, then called back to say it was unavailable due equipment delays. They suggested I call the local installer, who knows nothing. The installer suggested I call Xplornet. It all appears to be delay tactics. If there is an equipment failure, internet can be out for intervals lasting up to 2 weeks. This isn't acceptable when you run a business from home.

Xplornet line of sight is acceptable but often too slow.


I'm just sick of the service, very slow.
· We use a Rogers internet stick. It's the only internet that seems to work here.

We pay a high price for less than reliable connectivity, speed, and monthly download amounts. It is very frustrating not to be able to have to same service as people who live 10 km away have access to.


My provider has indicated that I have the maximum download speed available (10) but frequently it is far less than that, and maximum download size (50). Our download speed is often cut way back before the end of the month because we seem to overuse our limitations. I have offered to pay more to increase the speed and the amount of download but the provider has indicated that it is not possible at this time. I am located on a farm where there are no real alternatives.


We had a fairly good service. Then they took down the tower and charged us more for satellite which is slow and unreliable. I am most likely to use the internet in bad weather.....that's when it doesn't work! Downloading anything is unbearable. We have had to go to town to get our Pan Am Volunteer training done or it would have taken days.


When we moved here from Brampton last **** we were not aware that there is parts of Canada does not have proper internet service including Nass. Puslinch Towsnline. The only available service is satellite connection from Xplornet. We were paying over $160.00 for the speed that is really very slow. We were naive and took their word for it. Two weeks ago I called them and said that we are going to disconnect the line. Last week a technician call came and set up a line from the tower and the speed is doubled and we will be paying around $80.00. There was no new tower or anything new and no change since ****, the first xplornet tech. was lazy and penalized me with over $600 for a very slow service. I will be calling xplornet and ask for a credit but I do not think I will get it but I am going to try it any way. For sure xplornet took advantage of us. It is worth mentioning Bell is the only phone provider and they charge over $70 for the same service they charge around $35 in the city like Brampton. It is outrageous.

· A most frustrating and unsatisfactory relationship. Canada's internet costs compared to Europe are a rip off and nobody cares. Quality is poor and costs are too high.

· We stared off dialup then got a hub from Bell that hardly ever worked, apparently we are "too close" to the tower across the street. Now we are with xplorenet. Service is intermittent and we have to pay extra for a dedicated IP address so our son can play Xbox with his friends. When anyone tries to download anything everyone else gets extremely slow service or no service at all. Sunday's are the worst for service for some reason.

· I WFH a minimum of two days per week and find that my connection to Cisco client regularly disconnects through no fault of Cisco, which can be frustrating.

· The only two high speed services available at our address are Bell - DSL service and Xplornet. We have previously used Xplornet and it is very poor. Bell DSL speed gives us 2Mb of download speed and 350kb of upload spped making us of the Internet for business and entertainment impossible. Standard business applications such as Skype, VPN services and large file transfer are just not possible. Technology exists to extend Fibe services overhead at reasonable costs however the Carriers are not willing to invest the capital given the low residential density of the area.

· We rely on two different internet providers to meet our current needs because each provide a different benefit, higher speeds (5mbps - not really that fast) vs. unlimited downloads. Would like to move to a single internet provider that can offer high speeds and either unlimited or large data caps.

· I dial in to work from home office and its so slow that I have to port my cell phone which believe it or not is fast.

· People are desperate. I switched to a new wifi router, signed a new contract to get a better price, and improve hi speed internet.I live in a one-person household. Even with password protection, someone locally hacked into my internet and used up my 40 GB in 6 days so I discontinued my service altogether. Fought with Bell Mobility then CRTC resolved my issue and got out of my newly signed contract. Due to the fact we have to use MOBILITY (no land line internet providers in our area), the costs should be same as land line use with unlimited data plans. If there is a cost of transmission issue, then the large city users prices should increase (shouldnt even be noticible because there are millions of city users) to help subsidize rural areas by increasing their fees in order to reduce the rural community fees. This I would find fair. $1 each household is not a lot of money.

· Have tried all available solutions. None are adequate either the service is too slow or the data limits are too low. All have poor reliability and stability.

· When Everus had the tower in Rockwood I had point to point and paid $40 a month. When xplornet bought out Everus and dismantled the Rockwood tower I was left with satellite and they started charging for extra downloads until I was bullied into a plan for $120 monthly. Just standing by for any new options that come available. Thanks ****! **** Kalapaca ******@***.com · If studying and looking up lots of information, have to go in to town. We don't get cable, and can't download anything, so extras are limited. It would be nice to have the same service as the people in town.

· We respect the challenges of providing rural internet service. However, if it's true that Internet provider capabilities are restricted due to a monopoly by Rogers and Bell, of certain options, then that needs to end.

· The service options in our area (15 Side Rd & Guelph line is absolutely unacceptable. If a better service became available, the provider would easily attract our entire area of customers

· We are operating with a trubo stick from Bell. It took almost 18 months of complaining to Bell before the suggestion was made to get an external antenna to boost the signal. We purchased an antenna that is in line of sight with the tower on **** street north in Guelph. Despite this, it took another few months before I found out (not from Bell) that the external antenna can be connected directly into the turbo stick. One would think that companies like Bell would care enough to advise people of ALL the optional devices available.

· My husband and I both work from home (a minimum of 1x per week, each), my husband has his own side-business as well, and we have two young children who use the internet more and more as they get older. Internet speed and reliability are very important for us as they are key to the way we make a living as well as help with our children's education. The only service in our area that meets our needs, however, is mobile internet. It's extremely costly, however, and therefore we're always looking for another option. Nothing has been made available in the few years we've lived in the area, though. We've also had to make restrictions on what the internet can be used for at our house in order to limit the amount of data utilized, but even doing that, we are still consistently just under 20GB of data each month (i.e. over $100/month for our service!). To add to that, we've been through 3 hubs in the last year because they are unreliable and cannot seem to handle the usage of our household. This is also very frustrating and adds to our determination to find a more reliable, cheaper alternative. We are within range of WiFi, however because we don't have "line of sight" of the tower (i.e. we're on the wrong side of the escarpment), we cannot use this service. This is very disappointing and seems like such an easy solution for servicing the area. I really hope something can be done to improve our options in our area soon. I also know others who have purposely chosen NOT to move into the area due to the importance of the internet services available. Therefore not only is this harming those who live in the area (financially, education, socially, etc), but it's preventing others from becoming part of our wonderful community. You'd think that in 2015, this would have already been available years ago! We need to get with the times!

· I had to complete this survey from Town.
· Learning to live with what is available, but would like to actually have REAL HI-SPEED internet!

· Xplornet started off very fast when it was first available. Now burst speeds are good for a few seconds and then download rate drops off considerably. Cannot use Xplornet for video streaming.

· The Bell internet bill has increased by 50% in the last couple of years, but there has been no improvement in the service. The internet is unregulated and, therefore, the crtc does not investigate service or escalating costs. The internet is becoming as important as the telephone. It is becoming an essential service, and as such should be regulated by the crtc.

· I work from home and knew when moving to a rural property internet would be a bit of an issue. Currently using Bell's service and it has been pretty good. One comment I would have is to not let the raving lunatics represent us as they did at the meeting in Mohawk and were quoted in the paper. The solution is quite apparent to many of us and that is to get the government to mandate the subleasing of designated frequencys so company's like xplorenet and Standard can get us high speed point to point.

· To report technical issues to Xplornet is cumbersome and time consuming.

· Used dial up for years. Then found I could not get any other service but xplornet. They are unreliable and too much money for the hassle and unreliability. Must go outside the home to use internet service.

· Hi ****, I sent my story to you in the form of letters sent to Bell.

· We have been with Xplornet since 2008 with increasingly less service - it is intermittent and very slow. Downloading a video from YouTube is almost impossible, but yet each month our downloading speed is slowed due to overage? How is this possible? Based on the presentation at Mohawk -- why is there no other options in our area? How come we are forgotten? This is 2015, our children are behind in assignments as they must use their recess/free time at school to catch up on assignments that require online access. Why is this disadvantage allowed when we are considered the GTA?

· Our speed is as low as .12mps - should get 3mps, which isn't acceptable these days either. It's not enough to log into my company's computer. I paid to have the system installed and can't use it.

· Like many in our area, I work from home in the high tech industry. Faster and reliable service is very important. With three teenage kids in the house, then of course the demands of the service are very high in addition to work needs. Thanks so much for helping find better alternatives.

· As the folks in town, U.S. In the rural area should be entitled to same internet service. We are not so out of the main track that we should be content with the system. We use Internet the same way, for the same reason than the city folks. I only realized that my "high speed" internet services were not that fast when I used a wi-fi in town. I feel cheated for the money I pay.

· Over the years we began with dial up that eventually proved to be frustrating particularly for our children as students. When xplorenet arrived we were excited but disappointed that our home needed the costly satellite option even though other neighbours got cheaper service. We updated our satellite package paying more but still not getting fast enough or reliable service. We are looking at another internet provider but have to verify with xplornet of our contract obligations. Thank u so much for improving such an important part of our lives as we use the internet for business, education and social uses on a daily basis.

· We have been on dial up for the past 10 years and it was very slow and unreliable but inexpensive.- Now we have a home wireless device and the date usage is very expensive. We pay for all our data usage so we are very limited as to what we can do. We cannot download because it is too costly.

· No consistency with internet service. Too slow and way overpriced

· All I want is high speed with unlimited usage like most of ontario gets. If we need to upgrade software, we go to macdonalds in acton or to the acton library. Or go to work (u of Guelph) and do it there. Otherwise it takes literally HOURS and we hope the connection holds · I was a university student at the waterloo school of pharmacy. I had significant challenges obtaining reliable internet in order to do research, submit assignments and apply for co-op jobs from home. It became a bit of a joke among my friends when I had to explain to the professor, once again, why my assignment was submitted late and the challenges with rural internet. My parents also have challenges with rural Internet. My mom runs a business out of our home which requires frequent email contact. Often she resorts to her phone to complete the task. My Dad works out of Toronto. He also uses the Internet regularly and requires remote access to his work computers. He also often relies on his phone as the Internet is inconsistent. We would all appreciate an upgrade in Internet service. It would make living in the country that much more desirable no hopefully affordable!

· I can't believe that I'm paying more per month for low speed poor reliability internet than I'm paying for electricity! Electricity is an esential service we absolutely cannot do without, as was witnessed during our recent ice storm, That I'm pay less for a good service (hydro) than I am for an inadequate one (rogers internet) is upsetting. I have no problem paying for something if I'm getting good value for my money, but, paying too much for poor service because I have no other option is frustrating to say the least. Hopefully this inequity will soon be rectified.

· The most important factor for us is the impact our unstable/slow internet has on our quality family time. We both work and regularily have work to do from home. The unstable internet often means the remote link to our systems at work is interrupted and we have to start the task over. If it takes half hour to re-key our work, that is quality time with our children that we never get back.

· Not much to share - very slow service. I use Statbucks or my cell data

· We are currently awaiting Bell Internet 5 - a new service that is apparently just on the little road in front of our house. Bell has assured us it won't be more than a month away. This package is 140g for under $40 a month.

· Xplornet - very expensive, equipment lease has no end, paying for 3Mb... lucky to get 500K on average - Service Desk is terrible and condesending

· .I have more or less given up on the ISPs locally. When Xplornet came with promises of a new speedy wireless service promising that nobody would be left out, I decided to help out by calling on all my neighbours, print up brochures, etc. to get them interested, The company said that if I could sign up a dozen people to support the program we were guaranteed service. Like an idiot, I fell for it and got more than a dozen. However we never got the promised service. Thanks, Xplornet!!! So, with this latest effort all I can say is, "Good Luck with it!" · We have been living in the area for about five years. Initially we had unlimited data included in our bundle and were able to make do with somewhat unreliable service. In the last six months that has changed. We have only been allotted 15gbs for a whopping 90$. With each additional gig being 10$. This is ridiculous as users with access to cable internet are able to get hundreds, if not unlimited data for as little as half of what we pay. 15gbs is not enough to even casually use the internet. We have to live in fear of going over, turning our wifi off every ten minutes and only using it sparingly to see if an important work or school related email has arrived. Standard video services are out of the question for us, no netflix or YouTube. We simply dont have enough data to use it. T his is outrageous and unfair, and it seriously hinders us from enioying time at home as we dont have basic luxuries one can get almost anywhere else.

· We run a charitable organization where various groups contact us using Internet and also use our facilities and expect hi-speed Internet while they are here

· Fed up with paying for 3MB/s service which is actually a maximum of 0.7MB/s after the first 30 seconds of use and is usually throttled to 35kB/s most of the time. Windows upates or iPhone updates can take up to 24 hours to download and frequently will fail several times due to dropped connection. I now spend several hours a week at libraries to use their WiFi and my wife updates her iPhone at the mall which usually takes less than an hour compared to 16 or 18 hours on our rural high speed. We have had to explain to my son's high school that he does not have access to high speed internet and this impacts on his ability to perform reseach for school projects. Trying to do online reseach prior to making purchasing decisions becomes so frustrating that we often decide it is quicker to drive to a store than to get the information online. I have seriously considered going back to dial-up because of the speed and cost and because I have to reboot the radio/modem 2 to 4 times a day.

· **** our Bell line of sight service, and our Rogers "Rocket" stick services are intermittent usually because of weather (too many clouds, not enough clouds) leaves in the trees, too much of this, not enough of that, whatever "local conditions" type excuse the call centre is using today. Service slowdowns are fairly predictable, whenever you might expect higher residential usage (eg. after dinner, Sunday nights before the work week, etc.). The system usually bogs down when you most need it, or want to use it. Obviously the local infrastructure is inadequate for the local population, usage, and conditions. Also, the cost of either service is way out of whack with what both providers are advertising is available elsewhere - with unlimited service. I just paid another $50 last night for more data, and I'm only halfway through my billing period. A lot of the technology is going to "Cloud" based storage (& services) but we constantly have to go through our providers "toll booth," and we're never sure that they're going to get us where we need to be, and on time! We're at the far north end of old Nass. Twp., and while Bell is proposing a new tower, which might improve speed and stability, from what I understand, it's not going to remove the toll booth. As part of the approvals process for this new tower, could the Town of Milton request/require some sort of site specific performance bond (similar to that required of a proponent for any type of development where there is uncertainty/risk of follow through), to ensure that the service(s) provided by that tower be comparable in terms of speed, stability and pricing to what Bell provides elsewhere in the Town? If the local community has to look at the thing everyday, can the community at least get some real local benefit from it?

· There are not many options that are fast, reliable and cost-effective for rural residents. We started with a TELUS SmartHub, which is solely dedicated to me working from home now, as sharing with our personal use was making our bills astronomical (upwards $250/month) and most of that usage was work-related. We got a second hub from Bell. Although the personal and work use is now separated, the Bell hub is slow and we are charged $60/month for 40GB of bandwidth a month. This might seem like a fair deal, but when I look at my bills when I lived in urban Milton, I was paying $43 for 300GB and the service was ultra fast and very reliable. We need this same level of service in rural areas. Internet is a critical and staple of most homes now and many devices and services rely on it. Without competitive options, it feels like service providers don't care about us rural residents and we get the short end of the stick.

· I work from home, and manage a large segment of an Aerospace company. My reliance on internet is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL as I travel a lot, and need to do a lot of catch-up work at home, in between trips. Xplornet is my provider and it is unuseable. Package speed is 3.5mbps, and i get 0.8 max. Average speed is 0.2. Service is dismal. My email account was locked out on their server 1 month ago. Various futile support still has not fixed the problem. I am willing to pay more for better service. What I really want is Fiber-Optic cable to my house.

· Business in the Campbellville area can't conduct a professional service with the lack of reliability

· I have spent thousands of dollars with Bell Satelite once my kids starting downloading netflex...I quickly had to move to a cheaper provider but knew this would provide the same service and there was an adjustment to be made using their they ring up their data on their cell phones to get better download speeds not available with home provider...Internet and data usage is costing me a fortune,.i am sure I could have purchased my own tower by now.

· Rogers pricing by mB prevents me from using the internet as much as I would otherwise. They're only interested in providing service when you want to leave.

· We have been with Xplornet for almost 7 years, and the quality of their service has gradually deteriorated over that time. How ludicrous is it that only 2 miles north of HWY 401 we have only one option for a service that is more and more indispensable to normal life!

· We have complained to Xplornet for years about their deteriorating service and their false advertising and simple lies about that they are "working" on the problem, without any result. A few months ago they offered us a one time $40 discount. Based on the service we should receive a $40 discount every month.

· stop ignoring us because we are out in the country.. It is shameful that , being so close to Toronto, we are treated as second class citizens with the lousy and expensive internet service we are forced to use. Shame on Bell Canada!!!

· We have tried Bell "stick" wireless internet . It was very expensive and spotty due to our location. We are using satellite service as it is the only option right now. There are no data limits, but the service is so slow that we don't use it for high volume (entertainment) purposes. e.g.. Netflix does not work for us.

· **** Cindy, If I could give one suggestion, it is that the term "high speed" should be given a legal definition. I get all sorts of advertising from Xplornet that uses the term. Originally, the service was sold to our municipality based on providing high speed access to the community. I hardly see how twice dial up speed (our normal rate ranges between 0.120M and zero) with frequent outages and disconnects qualifies as "high speed". The ethics of selling the service as high speed is in question.

· Internet is an essential service in today's world. Children living rurally should not be at a lesser advantage to children living in town by having low or no internet service. Similarly, business owners should also not be disadvantaged. It seems from the information provided at the meeting that the CRTC must ensure that whoever bids for our area must make internet service a priority and not just hold the bandwidth hostage.

· With the Bell TurboHub, the 15 gig we are allowed is very expensive and limiting for my home business.
· Presently using Xplornet satellite.

· Our satellite slow service effects our ability to work from home, ability to use video Skype, VoIP phone service and Netflix. We have tried wireless but it is not effective and signal is inconsistent.

· Generally fast service, main complaint is excessive cost for overage. $90 for 20GB per month, $10/GB above that. Service quality degrades as number of users increase at peak times - unusable Sunday morning from 8:30 am to 10 am for example.

· We went from dial up ( totally unworkable) to xplornet satellite ( lots of interrupted service, and still pretty slow.) to Rogers Hub. The fastest of these three but goes on and off frequently.

· Our service is so slow we cannot take online courses or stream

· It is unbelievable that Rogers and Bell can hold frequencies that are currently allocated for fixed wireless service in the hope that they can change the allocation to mobile service. This is nothing short of piracy.

· he neighbor at the back grows corn and in this interferes with my satellite which is too low to the ground and cannot be put anywhere else.
· Quite simple...we have so few choices!
· I've been with explorenet for the past 5 yrs. Unable to use interest consistently but don't have an alternative have to deal with somewhat better than dialup speeds.

· We are currently with Bell and have pretty good availability and price compared to most in the area. Would prefer to have more options to shop around for better speed and/or pricing, however Bell was the only option available to us.

· WOW - just want options and what not have some competition out there - I thought id was the Canadian way to have COMPETITION - chck wit the FEDS on that one. Just want options and the ability to change ISP id not happy. Its the 21st century - why do we even have to have these meeting and surveys anyways.... It just should be. That's is my 2 cnets worth - hope the message gets thruy....SOON. Cheers & Thanks for all involved.

· Our service is so slow we cannot take online courses or stream

· It is unbelievable that Rogers and Bell can hold frequencies that are currently allocated for fixed wireless service in the hope that they can change the allocation to mobile service. This is nothing short of piracy.

· Our neighbor at the back grows corn and in this interferes with my satellite which is too low to the ground and cannot be put anywhere else.
· Quite simple...we have so few choices!
· I've been with explorenet for the past 5 yrs. Unable to use interest consistently but don't have an alternative have to deal with somewhat better than dialup speeds.

· We are currently with Bell and have pretty good availability and price compared to most in the area. Would prefer to have more options to shop around for better speed and/or pricing, however Bell was the only option available to us.

· WOW - just want options and what not have some competition out there - I thought id was the Canadian way to have COMPETITION - chck wit the FEDS on that one. Just want options and the ability to change ISP id not happy. Its the 21st century - why do we even have to have these meeting and surveys anyways.... It just should be. That's is my 2 cnets worth - hope the message gets thruy....SOON. Cheers & Thanks for all involved.

· Internet not always reliable can't download some things and worse in summer due to leaves on tall trees blocking service. Cell phone with Rogers has no service in house nor on 4th Line and 25th Side Rd. Cost of Internet overage is VERY high even though we don't do downloads since they don't work. Need Internet for business. Homes worth over 1 millon plus but can't sell at true market value., Did not realize this when we bought our home. If we had known would not have bought here. Business calls incoming on business cell are impossible and broken up-very frustrating for home based business-poor Internet, outrageous extra fees, poor cell-no way to run a business!

· We pay a lot of money for poor service talking to our nieghbours everybody agrees unless government gets involved there not going to make it better they know they have us with no better options. We need fibre optic lines in the country we pay high taxes and get very little for it our kids deserve the same as children in town!!

· We are constantly using the internet - isn't it what everyone does??!! Why is that simply because of some greedy company that our rural area needs to suffer? I was told by my current provider that if I ran a business, I could change my plan to include more than double the GB per month from what I currently have, but I need a GST number. I don't understand why this is? Why can't I just get the plan no matter what? I don't understand these limitations. We have considered (and are still considering) moving simply because of this issue.

· When Xplornet came to the area, we signed up for the business service. It started out great, after we invested in a tower and additional antenna. Then, after a couple of months, the service steadily got worse and worse. We would complain, it would improve for a while, and get worse. Finally they came out to "fix" it, and rendered it useless, and then decided we were unserviceable and terminated our contract. At that point, we started using the Bell hub, which worked well attached to the same antenna. became very inconsistent after being very good originally, and we started to get bizarre overcharges. We ended up having to take the case to the CCTS, and received a substantial refund from Bell for the overages. For a while it was good again...then, well, repeat above story, a couple of years later. Some days it's great, some times it will go days where it's as slow as dialup. Some months we seem to reach the data cap faster than makes sense for the amount we use it. I often have to tether my phone to get things done, or else take my laptop and go somewhere. It's very frustrating, needless to say!

· We find our Rogers Rocket Hub very expensive.

· **** in 2008, we signed up with Xplornet. Like many of the other residents in rural Milton, we were ecstatic to finally have access to high speed. Over the past seven years however, this dream has turned into a nightmare. Poor reliability, and abysmal speeds have afflicted us, and while Internet speeds around the world have increased drastically over the last seven years, ours have continued to degrade. I recently visited my cousins in Temagami, a small town an hour and a half north of **** Bay. To my surprise, their little log cabin outside of town had cable. To contrast this, I live a few minutes north of the busiest highway in **** America, and I cannot even get the same service. For the sake of the families and businesses in rural Milton, I hope the town can address this as we continue to fall farther behind.

· We have always had spotty service, and I spend a fortune on cell phone bills because our home internet turns itself on and off so our phone keep switching from home wifi to 3G randomly and the bills are astronomical. We try to watch movies on Netflix, etc and it's constantly interrupted by the wifi having to be re-booted. We consider our wifi terrible. We are with Bell, however everyone I speak with in Campbellville has the same weak internet service with any provider.

· We do very little at home with our internet. We have adapted to slow internet. Taking things to work to download, Going to coffee shops. My son did his PADI online training at my work and Starbucks because the videos were so slow loading. Logging in to the Halton cloud for school work is painful.

· I am unable to do updates at home as it takes several hours and will time out before it is completed. My autistic children get frustrated when youtube doesn't stream smoothly.

· I commute almost 4 hours a day when I go into the office. My work is willing to have me work from home, but I don't take advantage of it as often as I wish to, because I know that I cannot be as productive on certain days where communications through the Internet are critical. I also would like to point out that I pay extra to ensure that I have a static IP address which is required for my work's VPN to work. This is a definite requirement for any new service. I found out that I could possibly get Xplornet's faster service because of my location, but it can't support a static IP address, so that's out. Bottom line is that I don't get to spend enough time with my young children and my quality of life is suffering needlessly, just because I can't get the type of service here that some of my colleagues get at their cottage.

· we have upgraded regularly to get better speed, but it is still to slow to download even youtube videos most of the time.

· Some days it is slower than dial up. It can cut out as many as 6 times in one day. Watching movies is impossible due to its speed. Some days it takes as much as 3 minutes to just open a website home page.

· The Internet is so bad in our area I am seriously considering leaving. This would be a terrible shame as I love the country but for business and personal reasons I must have better service. When my daughter was in rural China she had better Internet service than I do here in rural Burlington.

· Our family like our regional neighbors are experiencing the same crippling internet performance. I can not work from home as it is just too slow, to open large files is near impossible. My ability to be productive contributor is not attainable from home so I do not even attempt to do so anymore. My daughter as nearly all students rely on the internet Halton cloud to do their work and that doesn't include research etc that is also done on the internet. The frustration of the speed available is taxing to her ability to be a better student. Socially and entertaining opportunities that are ever expanding on the web ...the things that most Canadians take for granted seem like a distant fantasy for us. It is as though we are in a foreign country looking at a magazine of country of those that have while we are have not's. We are falling behind the technology curve as our internet can not support the advancements. Everything is going to the web in industrialized countries yet we are 30 km from the 6th largest city in Canada and it is as though we technologically frozen in time while the rest of Canada zooms by us. It is easy for those that have good service options to take it for granted however when you don't you are so limited. I am also afraid of what this will do to the values of our homes in this region. A nice area but without internet service our attractiveness plummets to anyone that has had proper internet service. Thank you for reading this. I commit my time and resources to any action that will positively move our inequality forward as now it is negatively effecting our children in a significant manner and they don't have the option to "not work from home." Sincerely **** Gunderson · Xplornet is the only option I have at my location. paid for a survey for direct line of sight and it was not good. Xplornet have the technology to make this work .... they need to spend and rent more channels ..... until the government stops leasing to Bell and Rogers when they do not rent out or develop the bandwidth we all are stuck · Line of sight is the only option for us as the house is surrounded by trees - ExplorNet tried 2x to get a signal but couldn't, so Bell line-of-sight was the only internet we could get. **** definitely drops off in the summer when trees are leafed out. If it's still as bad as it is now when we get the new modem and possibly the external antenna I"ll be very disappointed; initially the service was quite good so I am hoping it's just the modem...but some of our trees have grown.

· Internet is only available during sunny day as it is weather dependant. The stories are too many and too long to share. Just filling in this survey is painfully slow

· I work for IBM at home, 3 days a week 2 of my children are doing high school through where all of their instruction is through online videos and web pages. The other 2 children are in university and college and require internet for submitting their work and access materials. We avoid looking at any videos or streaming media or downloads and even so we hit our 50Gb limit well before the end of the month. At this point my family can be seen camping out at the library or my in-law's basement in Kitchener, because the internet is essential to our livelihood. My ISP says they are prevented by the regulation structure from providing next generation internet service in my home. This is a GOVERNMENT responsibility to address this monopoly that Bell and Rogers has. They are camping on these frequencies and want to use them for mobile use when they were specifically set aside to address the pain we are experiencing. Where are the regulators?

· We are being held captive by Internet companies who have shown no corporate responsibility to the population at large. They are driven by greed in maximizing their own profits and our laws encourage this by creating monopoly. This entire industry should be opened up to all providers, domestic and foreign to create an aggressive competitive market. This would significantly increase the consumers choices, keeping prices competitive and services ample. If it is Rogers and Bell who are unwilling to provide these services then their rights should terminated and other providers should be allowed and the market opened up to thoses who assure advancements in this area. I would encourage the town to support and work in the best interests of all its citizens and start makeing noise about the omission of rural homes and businesses in the most current internet services. The Internet is no longer just a new communication device. It is Mandatory in life as we know it today. Hardly seems equitable that some get full service and others do not. These are choices made on behalf of citizens by corporations. One does not need to be a scholar to determine that these Internet choices of non service/poor service verses full service were not made by your Milton citizens. We appreciate very much you taking this issue to task Thank you **** · It is painful to work from home... however it is often necessary ! My son must go to The Mohawk Inn and use their internet to complete assignments. It is like living in the dark ages in our rural community! Unacceptable!!!

· We were originally with Bell WiFi which was fine until they discontinued the service forcing us to a much slower / more expensive service. We are now with Explornet with speeds so slow sometimes it is unusable. We keep looking for better options but none are available. We are a household of 5 (3 teens) so usage is high - there is a work from home element as well which is sometimes impossible to do.

· Continue to pay for a service we never recieve. I understand explornet claims they have over sold their service. However last week I recieved a flyer in the mail from their company. With that said how can they continue to sell a service they cannot provide,,,,is that not fraud??

· We have xplornet - no other option where we live. The service is acceptable most times, but there are outages, and large media files stall many times.

· I have Xplornet's 10Mb fixed wireless service. I am in **** and connect to a tower in Aberfoyle so I needed to install an $800 antenna tower to be able to receive the service. Sometimes I get the full 10Mb speed late at night but typically it is only 2-3 Mb, which I am assuming is because they have oversold the service. Things like Windows Update are even worse because they throttle those sites so it takes literally hours to install large updates. I am an IT professional and frequently work from home but it is often very difficult to do my work effectively, especially if I have to use something like WebEx to communicate with customers.

· We are currently with Xplornet and have been since the first towers went up quite a few years ago. While the overall reliability has been quite good in my opinion - although there have been a few outages that have lasted hours and once even days, especially after a rainfall - the bandwidth is insufficient for modern-day use of the Internet. As a general rule, we cannot even make it through a simple YouTube video without pauses occurring while the data download tries to catch up to the video playback. Watching a longer television show is a frustrating experience, and, for the most part, we have given up on even trying to do so. I have even found it more convenient to drive my work computers to a colleague's home in Mississauga to do Operating System and developer tool updates (that are routinely several gigabytes in size) rather than deal with slow downloads and the inevitable failure that requires the process to be started all over again.

· My work had offered for me to work from home a few days out of the week but I cannot as I can't get reliable high speed internet. As a result I had to drive the 401 through Milton to Mississauga every day, adding to the traffic all because my access to the internet is not acceptable for todays business needs.

· We live on No 14 Sideroad, in sight of the Heathwood developments where full speed internet service is available. All our phone infrastructure is very tired and it looks like the poles on **** carrying our wires are about to fall down (one is half broken off right now!). It is obvious that Bell spends to minimum possible on maintenance in our area, just patching as they go - likely resulting in some of our difficulties. We understand that required upgrades to the main lines on **** road are planned for this summer and that this will result in a significant improvement in the service to homes in the area. Time will tell.

· Our business require decent internet service...our provider is constantly billing us for overage charges despite all our efforts to reduce our usage

· We are a family of six. My children love to stream music and videos. In an average month, we are very close to our cap of 20GB of usage. That excludes ANY use whatsoever of Netflix. That service has been banned in our home since we have to pay $10/GB over the 20. That makes for an expensive movie! I don't know how Rogers calculates our usage but in the month of ****, we were charged for 34GB of data. We were away on vacation for 10 of the 31 billing days in ****. A look at my daily usage showed over 2GB of data being used on the days we were away? How is it possible with no one in the house for 2GB to get used??? When questioned, they simply gave me a credit. Who has time to call them over and over to find out why the usage is so high? There is no accountability on their part. Then there are the days when the internet is completely unusable. I have given up trying to work from home. I would love to stay home since my work is mostly computer-based but I can only do 25% of what I can do with a regular internet connection at the office. That's even on the good days since the upload speed is slower than snail mail. Then there's the weather... It seems that cloudy weather affects our internet speed. If only we didn't have to work on cloudy days (hahaha!!) Situations like these are ludicrous these days where computing devices are proliferating and have become essential not only to business but to our personal lives. Thank you **** for taking this on!

· If we cannot get better internet- we will be moving. The internet is no longer a luxury item- it is a necessity. My children are unable to do their homework anymore- even the Brookville teachers do not have a true appreciation of the speed of our internet. The MDHS teachers REALLY don't understand. My children need to learn how to use technology - but they are simply frustrated at this point. Presently, the education system relies on the internet- and if we cannot improve its speed, then we must move. It's not fair to my kids.

· I was on a local Tower with unlimited GB. Now Xplornet moved me to Satelite and I have to pay for extra GB and it costs a lot more

· During daytime hours, speed is reasonable, although only around 60% of the speed I pay for. As soon as school ends, the speed drops to almost nothing. The speed of almost nothing is the same all weekend, and during all holidays.

· Initially used Xplornet, which was SLOOOW. After 18 months of calling every week, they finally came to our house and siad the receiver was not high enough, which we had been telling them for 18 months. They provided a taller mast which made quiet a difference but it was still not fast and occasionally very slow on account of "line of sight issues". Eventually gave up and went to Rogers Hub which was noticeably faster, then changed to a newer Rogers Hub which we still have but speed is not consistent and large downloads are very expensive. Always looking for something better · I am with xplornet and they cannot deliver what they promised. Im about to switch over to someone else.

· don't even get me started!
For more information, contact:
**** Lunau
Milton ****, Ward 3 (Nassagaweya)
home office: *-***-***-**** cell: *-***-***-****

Intervention: Milton Councillor, Ward 3 (Nassagaweya) (Intervenor 190)

Document Name: 2015-134.223717.2397186.Intervention(1fd_$01!).html

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to appear on behalf of the rural residents of Milton, Ontario. Attached are three documents:• Motion passed unanimously by the Council of the Town of Milton• Results of an online Survey• Personal, heart-felt experiences share by residents. (Question #10 on the Survey)Background: As Ward 3 **** representing the Rural Area of Milton (64% of Milton's land mass), I am keenly aware of the inadequate Internet Service in this rural pocket of the GTA. Internet Service is not a ‘frill’. It is essential to Economic and Educational survival. Local Internet Providers were invited to a Public Meeting in **** – over 300 Resident showed up to share their questions & concerns. Following this meeting, I posted an “Internet Survey” online. In just 10 days 363 residents shared their experience. The results of this 10 Question Survey are attached. Question 10 invited respondents to ‘Share Your Story.” These are also attached. Many are heart-breaking!Please contact me if you have any questions or require further information.Cindy LunauMilton ****, Ward 3 (Nassagaweya)home office: *-***-***-**** cell: ******@***.com www.cindylunau.caRaisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceTopic: Inadequate Internet Service in Rural Areas attached to Large Urban areas (i.e. Rural Milton in GTA) Why: Share the Economic & Educational Impacts. Suggest that CRTC find solutions, perhaps carving out Rural Areas or other measures to permit better Service.