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My comments mostly pertain to TELUS' lack of internet service for our small community of BlackPines B.C. Telus has provided a fiber optic line to the First Nations reserve to the **** of us (further out). They are providing fiber optic service for much of Kamloops, which is commendable, but we are left in the cold. Telus Mobility provides a work around situation for an internet connection, download best @ 2 Mb/sec, upload @ .75 Mb/sec., but these air-sticks are not reliable for continued download. The competition for air space with smart phones means that often this connection will not stream audio, let alone video. There is satellite by Explornet, that will provide a download speed of approx. 5 Mb/sec, and upload of 0.45 Mb/sec, for a reasonable cost. However, my contention is that for any kind of participation in the digital economy, we need a hardline service, especially if said service runs by our property. One would expect at least 25 Mb/sec download speed, and an upload of 5 Mb/sec.It should be noted that Air-stick and satellite connections have restricted by cost broadband usage, and that digital economy data transfer amounts can end up costing a great deal of money. Also, satellite connections can be throttled by the provider.I think the time has long since past that Telus provide our community with a dsl connection, as they have provided fiber optic to a location further out than us. I don't personally expect a fiber connection to my house, but Telus can run dsl on the copper for not a lot of expense.They need some persuasion.